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How to look younger without plastic surgeon and visit of beauty shop?

the Nature awarded any woman with ability to reincarnate, change and to adapt organically to a situation, a situation, the partner. The woman much better than the man is able to indulge in wishful thinking. But whom - whom, and yourself yourself you will definitely not spend. If you are not pleasant to yourself in a mirror, then, alas, for today game is lost. A situation neither the mobile phone of a latest model, nor suntan, nor even will correct freshly squeezed orange juice. Our person - reflection of a condition of all organism, its physiological health. Mimic wrinkles around eyes, nosogubny folds, corners of lips eloquently speak for themselves.

Success is and ability to look young. Business not only aged, matter in a spirit, in a tone. The aromatherapy, more precisely an aromakosmetika, will rejuvenate a face, will make you more beautiful and attractive. On a face, as well as on auricles, hands and feet the sympathizing points of all systems and bodies are located. Influencing them by means of natural essential oils, it is possible to work with all organism. Essential oils possess complex action: calming or toning up psychologically, they at the same time can treat and harmonize an organism in general. Including, they have fine cosmetology effect: restore skin, do it young healthy, elastic.

Aromakosmetologiya - one more flower of a fine and mighty tree of an aromatherapy. After use of cosmetic mix (usually in the form of cream) the person becomes young and well-groomed. Some pragmatic persons even counted that expenditure for different industrial cosmetics decrease. Do not become necessary the foundation, powder masking a pencil and which - who ceased to visit the cosmetologist at all!

In any, even natural, but made for the wide consumer, a product there are preservatives which cardinally change properties of natural components. A problem of the cosmetic industry - to satisfy mass demand. Your individual inquiries and features commercially cannot find the place. And individually picked up natualny cosmetic mix works real miracles. Mass production will never be able to be compared on action to the mix chosen for you.

By drawing up individual aromakosmetichesky means the following things are considered.

In - the first, an important role is played by temperament. As you, probably know, psychology allocate several main types of temperament: choleric persons, sanguine persons, phlegmatic persons, melancholiacs. In addition it is necessary to consider a psychological state.

For example, the forty-year-old woman endured the difficult period: divorce, section of property, stability loss. By means of an aromatherapy and psychological support to an aromaterapevt it was succeeded to restore balance very fragile internally. But the stress was reflected not only in a psychological state, it left the, appear, indelible mark and on a face. Looking in a mirror, the woman became despondent again. During the scheduled meeting with aromaterapevty she asked: whether the expert can offer something for restoration former beauty . Aromasredstvo in the form of an emulsion for a century, for the person, for a zone of a decollete and for hands were offered it. What surprise of the woman when in a week of use she saw the looked younger and brought up person, eyes without hypostases, bruises and wrinkles was.

The mood improved, and together with it and the relation to life and to all in it to the events

In - the second, the role is played by a season. In the winter differences of temperatures, heating strongly influence immunity, a condition of skin and mood. It is important to protect skin from an ultraviolet in the summer.

In - the third, it is necessary to pay attention to what existence - tokhronichesky frustration, specific features.

There was such case: in one family the woman burned a hand. Someone from acquaintances advised to use essential oil of a lavender for treatment of a burn. Having taken advice, the woman really completely neutralized burn consequences, but the new problem - constant slackness, drowsiness appeared. It turned out that the burned woman has a lowered pressure, she a hypotensive for a long time. Essential oil of a lavender possesses property to lower pressure. This property in this case became the reason of deterioration in the general state. For normalization of pressure the expert picked up mixes of essential oils for bathtubs and created special cream which helped to solve a problem with the lowered pressure.

In - the fourth, tasks which need to be solved by means of essential oils are taken into account: fight against wrinkles, hypostases, vascular asterisks, complexion alignment etc. of

B - the fifth, an important role plays a life rhythm, we will tell a set of aromasredstvo for travel at the sea differs from what can be recommended for the daily use in the city.

Aromakosmetika is a way to good mood. It is an opportunity to rejoice to reflection in a mirror, but not anxiously to examine new wrinkles.]