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Startup or What to do if you were dawned by a brilliant idea?

Sad gray everyday life, the eternal long road to office, both slightly quicker and well - home, viewing of the next series of the favourite movie, and again the road to office. The chief eternally dissatisfied with the performed task to whom your creative plans are not interesting at all. Familiarly? Really these thoughts visit that person whose brilliant ideas admired all friends? Stop. It is not that life of which you dreamed, having received a treasured crust of the Alma - a mater.

And why not to try to realize at least one of the ideas most?

For this purpose is necessary very little, you already have a most important - idea. And the rest is known to all for a long time. It is the fact that now the startup is called. And you, respectively, will name a startup. So, you have an innovative idea, you look for ways of its realization, and you have no money.

The startup is available. And now let`s understand as it is correct to organize everything.

Existence of original idea is the main condition for a successful startup. But, as they say, all ingenious is simple therefore be not too lazy to learn, perhaps, you invent the bicycle. To comb the Internet on presence of similar the startup - projects does not make special work now. And someone from successful startups already realized it.

But if having read several tens forums at which startups discuss the projects, you found also the idea - be not upset. Perhaps, it is necessary to change a little something or to modify under the target audience, and your project will be not less successful.

The most difficult and labor-consuming in this case is a stage of search of ways of realization of a startup. Ideally, it to make business - the plan of your project. To define who needs it in what quantity how many for is the one who needs it, it is ready to pay, and you are ready to sell for how many it. It is important to be defined whether all this will be done by you, or someone will help you. As in a startup shots solve if not all, then almost everything. And then, having armed with the old kind calculator, to consider how many it is necessary for successful realization of a startup money when this idea begins to make profit and in what sum. If at you it turned out that the profit will appear years through three, and it will be enough for the new printer moreover, maybe, for spirits for the girlfriend, most likely the idea was not such ingenious as it seemed at the beginning of a way. But if figures on the monitor begin to wink at you tempting signs, then immediately start the last, and most important stage of the startup - to search of money.

And here, as they say, all means are good. Ways can be a little. You can borrow them at friends. But, most likely, after the magic word startup to you will twist a finger at a temple. You can lend at bankers. But then, in the second stage of realization of a startup, it is necessary to consider all costs of issuance of credit and percent, and then you can return to the printer and spirits.

There is the third option - to address on the exchange of startups, investors and creditors of Napartner. ru .

The main task of this project - to help the Startup to find investments into the project , and to banks and investors - to take part in development of innovative developments, to receive dividends from made money. It should be noted, the project does not take the commissions for the investor found you or profitable a startup - the project for what separate gratitude to developers of this resource.

Arm competent business - the plan and interesting idea, and your startup will seem interesting to the investor. And let you are not confused by existence of a large number of the same applicants as you. Your project is brilliant. Believe in it, and investors will believe in you.]