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What inflation in Ukraine?

For quite some time now the price of diesel fuel was practically made even to the price of the 95th gasoline which is intended for modern cars. It is the real economic crash for Ukraine. Instead of economy - drivers of diesel cars magnificently fill in in tanks liquid which costs as much how many and the 95th gasoline - that is equivalent.

Owners of large-capacity cars practically fill huge tanks of tanks with the 95th gasoline! (Distinction in a smell, but not in the price). To everything and the expense of DT is more, than an expense 95 And that the most sad is that the diesel engine cannot be remade on cheaper fuel from - for absolutely different principle of work

However according to the State committee of statistics of Ukraine inflation in October, 2007 made only 2,9%, and for January - October of the current year this indicator made 11,7%.

In October as much as possible this year the prices of all main products grew: bread - 3,5%, milk - 10,8%, eggs - 11,9%, pasta - 4%. For the first time after June sugar prices - 1,5% began to grow. The increase in prices for fruit made 9% - it is the biggest indicator after May growth in 15,7%.

Service prices of housing and communal services in October grew by 2,4%. They grew at higher rates only in February - 5,7%, all other months of the loudspeaker was more moderate.

There was a sharp turn in the market of fuel in which increase in prices made 3% - it is after iyunsko - September consolidation.

The increase in prices of a consumer basket in October is the highest for the last 8 years: something similar was only in October, 1998, then inflation in October made 6,2%.

According to the head of group of advisers to the chairman of National bank of Ukraine Valery Litvitsky, such high increase in prices in October demonstrates weakening of control of financial stability in the country.

In his opinion, inflation in 2007 will be the highest for the last three years, it will even be higher, than in 2004 when there were 12,3%.

We will remind that according to Goskomstat, in 9 months 2007 inflation in Ukraine, reached 8,6% and exceeded the annual forecast in 7,5%. The greatest increase in prices is recorded on foodstuff and soft drinks - for 12,7%. Including sunflower oil rose in price for 49,5%, flour - for 28,1%, fruit - for 26,9%. The prices of clothes and footwear grew by 0,5%, the rent increased by 20,5%. Services of transport rose in price for 6,9%. The cost of fuel and oils increased by 16,7%. Communication services fell in price by 2,5%. In September sugar prices fell from - for saturation of the market (-6,5%).

What will be farther - it is heavy to foresee...]