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How to drink that it is not strong to get drunk?

are Drunk by all of us differently, differently perceive drunk, but there are also general rules, following which, it is possible and at a significant amount drunk to behave within the accepted etiquette, to be a cheerful and pleasant partner.

It is necessary to remember that alcohol in a small amount exerts beneficial and positive influence on some vital signs of the person, however after reception of 200 - 300 ml of alcohol it already poisons an organism. Large supplies in an organism of B1, B6, C vitamins can resist to an adverse effect of alcohol. - it is impossible to drink the basic law much to the one who is tired or hungry.

There is a lot of various secrets preparation for a feast. Let`s remind some of well-known. For two - three hours till a feast it is necessary to drink 50 ml of vodka that will prepare an organism for the subsequent serious loading. Just before a feast to drink a cup of strong tea with mint or a lemon. It is possible to eat something fat or oil, to drink crude egg or a tablespoon of vegetable oil: they interfere with fast absorption of alcohol in your empty kishechno - a gastric path. Also cream from cheese is good for such cases. For its preparation it is necessary to take 100 g of butter, 200 g of sour cream, 40 g of grated cheese, 10 g of salt, 10 g of pepper, 1 bunch of parsley and juice from 2 lemons. To mix all this, to smear on the cut bread and to eat 2 - 3 sandwiches.

B than the basic rules of behavior at the rich holiday table consist?

do not drink everything without discrimination

of Mix should be allowed reasonably. Good drinks in itself give unexpected reaction, being drunk together or in a row (remember mixes: vodka and beer, vodka and champagne). In Russia it is not accepted to mix good vodka with other alcoholic beverages. Categorically it is not recommended to mix it with slabogradusny drinks. As a last resort it is necessary to choose on the increasing fortress. Do not begin a feast with sweet. From sweet wines the hungover syndrome is much heavier. The drinks containing carbon dioxide (champagne, beer, sparkling water) strengthen activity zheludochno - an intestinal path that leads to fast intoxication.

Admire what you drink

Drink without taste and aroma - not for you. If you do not feel them - take rest. After that the perception comes back.

If to you from drunk well, do not aspire to that it was even better.

does not happen Even better - it is only worse.

do not drink an ukharska

Unlike modestly drinking neighbors in a feast. do not show to

the not susceptibility to intoxication.

It comes to an end often in funny things which then difficult happens to correct. do not drink more, than people around. do not drink

more often than all drink. do not drink

in the company furtively - it badly smells

At a table never do a drink, you will not chew food yet and you will not wipe companies a napkin. Have surely a snack after each shot glass. Potatoes, salty cucumbers, sauerkraut, bread, and also salty nutlets, fried meat, meat soup neutralize effect of alcohol and help digestive bodies to process alcohol into water and carbon dioxide. In a feast the gluttony is not forbidden, but at the same time it is necessary to remember words: ... all people drink and eat, but drink and only savages " guzzle;.

If at the height of fun you feel that you touch, drink a shot glass of fragrant bitters (if is - with eleuterokokky or a zubrovka) or cognac and after it refrain from drink for about 40 - 50 minutes, without refusing to itself pleasure to enjoy the pleasant foods. Being strong drunk, do not go out of doors in a cold season as at the same time it is possible to get drunk finally, up to loss of consciousness. Alcohol at the use has especially strong effect it on an empty stomach or during a strong heat, at thirst.

Abstention excessively at the holiday table - hypocrisy. It spoils reputation of the healthy person and, the main thing, badly influences normally drinking. If really there are serious reasons for abstention, then, without focusing attention of people around on this circumstance, support a toast and accept accepted for itself (by quantity or structure) drink.

Keep sense of proportion

Remember, the measure is defined by organism opportunities, degree of predisposition to alcoholic intoxication.

After end of a feast it is useful for to drink a cup of strong tea with mint or a lemon or coffee with a lemon. Easy intoxication at the same time quickly will pass. To sober, it is necessary to take a shot glass, to rinse it with vegetable oil, to pour in 1 egg yolk, 1 - 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce, to add some red and black pepper, several drops of vodka and a little lemon juice, to mix and drink off this cocktail.

There is one more means of similar action. To take 1 teaspoon of cognac, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of a tomato - mashed potatoes, 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil, a salt pinch, gradually red and black pepper, to add an incomplete teaspoon of spicy horse-radish to the received mix (on vinegar).

All troubles which can follow next morning after a friendly feast on which you in the heat of emotional lift have a drop too much can be avoided if to follow these rules, following which, get drunk more slowly and quicker make toilet.