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How to use pleasure for improvement of life? Hurrying to earn

a living, just do not forget to live

the Unknown author

Every day derive pleasure, at least, three times. Sounds too frivolously? You think that I suggest you not to perceive the work seriously? Anything similar. Mind needs a variety and prospers on variety. If during your working day you derive pleasure and it will become for you a habit, then your work will always be more effective.

is occupied What is the time by such piece how receiving pleasure? Sometimes very little. It is possible to derive pleasure almost in any situation. When you driving go to work and enjoy the good song broadcast, is and there is a pleasure. The joke told the colleague or heard from it, chapter read in the good novel, even brisk walk by a fast pace by the sun or warm-up in the gym - all this can be pleasure.

Ya shared this thought with the partner tending to be too serious. He attentively listened and then decided to make an attempt in this direction. I will give it an opportunity most to tell you what from this turned out: Next day after Lyonya told me about the principle of receiving at least three pleasures a day. at me several business appointments outside office were planned. I was skeptic, but how it is possible to disprove successfully his thought until itself you try, at least, a day - another to apply it in practice? Has to recognize, nevertheless, that I did not know from where the pleasure suddenly will fall down me.

Ya went on streets and listened to radio when the musical shop got to me. Here I remembered that there is one compact - a disk which I would like to buy. I successfully parked and got this compact so could listen in the car now to that music which was to me to taste. Here I thought that it quite pulls on pleasure as pleasant music instead of continuous chatter of the radio receiver very much calmed. Well, let it will be pleasure number one, I thought, gradually lighting up a challenge which was thrown down to me by Lyonya. Usually when I go to talk to clients, I take with myself sandwich or a roll with a stuffing and I have

a snack. However today I decided to stop and eat sitting. It will be my second portion of pleasure. I found the Italian small restaurant, ordered spaghetti with something and even drank a glass of wine that seldom I afford behind lunch. At the same time kept within forty five minutes and I was very glad that arranged himself this unplanned break - also the second pleasure here was derived.

the Third portion of pleasure was the best. When I finished affairs and already went towards office, I had a radical idea. Instead of putting the car on my usual place why don`t I park it slightly further from office and to walk? I adore going, but I never do it in enough and usually in general I feel guilty that I am almost not engaged in any physical exercises. As a result I without problems found the place for the parking in ten quarters from work and further moved on foot. It seemed to me so courageous, unusual, illogical - generally, I liked such step, to be exact, very many steps. Vigorous walk on distance in ten quarters took about fifteen minutes. Day was given solar, and I infinitely enjoyed sun beams, walking - all. Here I also received the pleasures which are due to me all three times. It was extremely unpleasant to recognize it, but I thought that, perhaps, in words of Laziness there could be something. I decided to try it again, and you know that? The thought came to my mind that from now on it and will be my new parking lot .

In a word, in we wash the friend the joyful desire of pleasures wakened, and and you with the same ease can introduce in the life what for it was small revolution. During our subsequent meetings and conversations I observed how the friend brought this principle in the relations with the wife and children. To put it briefly, life in general began to give it more pleasures. We have to provide

that every day bore with itself a little pleasure. Make the list of all actions or events which can bring you joy, and look how many from them you can include in the daily routine. Practice in giving themselves pleasures. Look for opportunities to receive them. Show and here creative approach and recognize the right to work in this way. And every time when it happens, do not forget to remind yourself that you derive pleasure now. Thereby you increase pleasure and do it more direct and notable. Sometimes we are so busy and so concentrated on is mute that we do not even distinguish pleasure when it happens. Do not dare to be absent just while you derive pleasure.

The pleasure loads you with energy. It allocates you with force, refreshes and helps to work better. So do not lose all these benefits. Make pleasure an important component of each day. It is reasonable, ozdorovlyayushche, it allocates with energy, feeds, increases efficiency, brings benefit and still - listen, I nearly forgot the most important - it gives pleasure.]