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How to look after skin around eyes?

The person has to be healthy and is beautiful a requirement of modern life.

The concept of external beauty is relative. Nevertheless, clean, well-groomed skin - the undoubted dignity of any person.

Our internal illnesses, sincere discomfort and a mental illness as in a mirror are reflected in appearance. Beauty is derivative health. Therefore, the modern industry of beauty is guided not so much by decorative effect how many on improvement of health of separate sites of skin, a hair, nails, a figure.

Today we will talk about very important site on our face - these are eyes, namely - about care of skin around them.

Eyes - not only our communication with world around, but also an important part in creation of an image. Skin around eyes is most vulnerable and subject to earlier emergence of signs of aging. She most of all is exposed to pernicious influence of time and demands special leaving. Exclusive tenderness and sensitivity of these sites persons demand the special approach capable to provide a combination of efficiency of means and shipping, without causing irritation, reddening, a peeling etc.

It is impossible to avoid aging of this thin and sensitive skin, however it is possible to delay the moment when wrinkles become noticeable, - with it you will be helped by cosmetics. Means on care of skin around eyes are most popular in the cosmetic market. Cosmetics will provide to your skin necessary moistening and nutrition, will protect it, will slow down process of emergence of small wrinkles, and also the century and dark circles under eyes will eliminate swellings.

We as in sports competition use cosmetics one behind others, waiting for miracle effect. And it is process constant, and it must be said, not useless.

It is important to remember that the beginning of the program of care of skin around eyes is connected not only with age, but also with specific features of your skin and an organism.

Care of skin around eyes needs to be begun with of clarification . Therefore, washing away decorative cosmetics the gentle, easy movements, it is very important to use special means for removal of a make-up from eyes.

At the beginning leaving is rather simple to use the easy moistening means protecting from influence of environment and the sun as long as possible to keep a young condition of skin.

It is desirable to begin intensive care of a zone around eyes after twenty five years (depends on a condition of skin). First of all small wrinkles appear on centuries as skin in this area is several times thinner, than on other part of the face, at the same time it constantly is exposed to stretching. For day of eyes does from 10 to 24 thousand movements - squinting from the sun, being covered from dust, reflecting our emotions and just blinking. Thus, there are mimic wrinkles . But not only surrounding phenomena and our emotions test eyes on durability: the daily make-up and makeup removal also put them on trial. Therefore all procedures need to be carried out very accurately, without stretching skin around eyes.

Puffiness a century and dark circles under eyes can be carried to the most often arising problems, both in young, and at mature age.

Eyelids swell up because during a dream the limfoottok is slowed down, and products of an exchange are not brought out of an organism. Thin skin stretches a century, hypostases are formed. Dark circles appear from - for delays of speed of the movement of a dark blue blood on vessels (in connection with hereditary predisposition, fatigue, a stress) therefore the pigment of blood appears through thin, gentle skin under eyes.

Special conditioning agents at skin hypostases around eyes have to have very easy, gentle texture (in the form of gel) not to complicate a state.

Women of 35 - 55 years already need means on care of eyes which are capable to smooth and strengthen skin in eyes and to visually reduce circles under eyes. With age dark circles become more noticeable, besides there are new wrinkles or old become more noticeable.

A part of such cosmetics have already to is more active components capable to restore elasticity, elasticity and moisture content of skin.

Use of intensive serums, masks is just necessary at this stage.

of the Recommendation about application : To apply cosmetics for a century in a small amount, very carefully, with the easy pressing movements. The main thing - not to mix the direction: only from an external corner of an eye to internal - for a lower eyelid. Cream needs to be applied on an upper eyelid on the contrary - from an internal corner to external!

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