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What to do if there was a problem with the computer?

Generally, this question do not belong to any of concrete operating systems, and experienced users perfectly know the answer to it, but superfluous it will not be. First of all, it is necessary to localize a source of problems.

Searches should be begun with the answer to a question: what everything began with? Whether there was time when the similar problem was not? What changed since then? In order that it was simpler to answer, it is possible to advise to use the technique used at administration of big servers and to keep the magazine of changes in which to write down all changes which were made in settings of system and when that was installed, but in house conditions this technique hardly is justified.

Anyway if once the problem was not, so it is solvable, and it is not so important even if it is not possible to remember at once what all this began with, these are will extend further searches simply a little. For a start, try to put the last drivers on all devices installed in system, having especially paid attention to the motherboard and the video card. If so there are the latest, it is possible to try to make on the contrary and to put that are on disks which were given together with the equipment upon purchase. look at

In Device Manager whether there is no IRQ or any other conflicts.

Switch off all option Power Saving including screen saver. Try to establish to

in BIOS higher values of timings of memory (that is, to slow down it).

we Put Video BIOS Casheable - Disabled, Video BIOS Shadow - Disabled.

Is increased 8 i16 by bit I/O Recovery Time.

we Make sure that Assign IRQ for VGA - Yes.

Clean all dispersals (if at you something is dispersed), it is possible to try to lift (A LITTLE, on 0. 05 at most on 0. 1V) processor tension.

will not be superfluous to check operation of all fans, it is possible that any of them it is faulty, and the system just overheats.

of B BIOS we disconnect AGP (AGP Aperture size - on a minimum), we switch off AGP2x and AGP4x. If the above-mentioned does not help

, or for some reason does not approach, then, having assumed that the problem has roots in any faulty device, it is possible to pass to more drastic measures.

We delete (physically) from system all devices without which the system can work (to leave only the motherboard, memory, the winchester, and the video card), in BIOS we disconnect everything that is possible (COM and LPT ports, all Power Options, Assign IRQ for USB (we do not touch Assign IRQ for VGA!) ).

If is probability that a problem with the winchester, in BIOS forcibly we put to it PIO 4, or even PIO 2 mode.

If a problem was not gone, we check all remained devices (the video card - memory - the processor - the motherboard and the winchester). The easiest way - to install the device on other car and to look how it will behave there.

If after removal of all excess devices a problem was gone, then it is necessary to put in turn remote devices into place, and after EVERYONE to include system and to check health . If the problem in the faulty equipment, then, as a rule, by such method is possible to localize it.

However, it is not always necessary to resort to so radical methods, often the reason lies on a surface, and allegedly problem device manages to be calculated at once. The best, in this case, is to check it by other car, and it is better and not on one, it is extremely desirable that their configuration differed from yours.

If it becomes clear that the piece of iron everything is the worker, then it is necessary to study the car better. The first on what it is worth paying to attention, what slots with what divide one IRQ. Usually about it it is possible to learn from the instruction to the motherboard. If there is no instruction, or laziness to dig, then it is possible to try a payment in other slot at once (will not work in a case with the AGP video card, in this case all of PCI of slots shares IRQ with AGP is better - to find out, and to look what in it costs). By the way, it will help and in case at you one of slots is faulty.

Besides as it is regrettable, situations when the device A is physically incompatible with the device B, for example from - for insufficient food meet. In most cases nothing can be done with it though there are happy exceptions, sometimes everything returns to normal after installation of more powerful and high-quality power supply unit, or as with some Asus`skimi the jumper by means of which it is possible to increase food of AGP of the slot forcibly costs mothers, on mother.

If a problem originates in the software, then the basic principles of the decision same, removal of everything that is possible, and gradual installation back with check of operability of system after each installation. Sometimes very interesting regularities become clear by such method. For example, who could think that the PGP installation can lead to the message of POWER_STAT_FAILURE at switching off of the car?

Well and, of course, there is always a radical method - full removal of old OS and pure installation new. In this case do not forget to clear the folder Documents and Settings, XP does not rewrite files in it (though threatens), and just creates new directories. Therefore if not to clean this folder, then after numerous reinstallation of system it will be possible to find such folders as User1 there. USER. 000, Default User. 001 and great number of others. And to understand what of them are necessary, not always happens simply.

in case of any problems with the concrete equipment or the software, the best place from where it is necessary to begin searches of the decision, is service of technical support of the producer. You can be sure, they know the product much better than we.

I the last. If all of you - decide to disassemble the computer, then be careful and attentive. Surely power off the computer from the computer before disassembling it. COMPLETELY, that is extend it from the socket because otherwise food on duty in 5 volts will move all the same, on ATH cases. Do not forget to be convinced that in the slot into which you are going to insert something there is nothing, including dust. And before installation be convinced of the correct orientation of the inserted detail. Because dust possesses a certain tokoprovodnost, and can cause short circuit and it is not so impossible to thrust DIMM not that party as can seem.