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How Tom Cruise learned to read? When we watch

at the people who achieved great success in life - successful businessmen, the famous actors, outstanding scientists - we are inclined to think that they were lucky that the nature endowed them with talent and remarkable mind that they since the childhood were such. But what usually remains off-screen so it is huge work which is made by these people to become those whom they became.

In our quickly changing world to get on a front line and not only to become the leader, but also to remain him - it is necessary to study constantly and constantly. Under the word to study we mean not only and not just formal training at school, institute, postgraduate study, but also training in life and for life. Person, which grabs on the run it is capable to analyse a situation and to find the optimal solution, can quickly study something and it is effective put into practice, has every chance to be beaten out in people and to become the leader - the personality who exerts impact on destinies of millions of people. If the person is not capable to be trained quickly and effectively, his hour of triumph will not be long.

A time can seem to us that people are born with ability to study that there are excellent students and poor students, is with abilities to study and incapable to study. And that powers that be stars do not face problems in study, everything comes to them easily, they without problems acquire material and are quickly trained.

However I want to dispel this myth because is not present incapable of training . There are those whom nobody ever taught, as to study. Below I bring to your attention Tom Cruise`s history which he shared at opening of the training center of the International Applied Education.

In the childhood Tom Cruise studied at tens of different schools in America and Canada. Delivered to it false diagnosis - dyslexia . And said to it that at it disorder of training . Of course, when on it hung such label, he thought that it is hopeless also nothing to do. It had receptions how to cope with the inability to training. He learned to remember everything well. Also at school he the first raised a hand, knowing that in 90% of cases of the one who pulls a hand, never ask. And in other 10% of percent of cases when its everything - asked, he spoke: It is possible I descend in a toilet?

After movies The Best shooter and Colour of money despite great success, in his life still there was a huge emptiness. Because he understood that what it reached - he achieved only on one persistence. It had big ambitions, but he understood at that moment that he will never be able to achieve it. Because it encountered a wall. He could not learn that he read. From - for this of a barrier of its purpose were unattainable. It was faced by too big mountain, and it had no opportunity to climb up it. And he knew it. He could not read something and then at once apply it. Therefore when he read, he confused letters in words, the headache began... he was nervous... He reached the end of the page and could not remember anything from read.

And of course Tom should have studied somehow roles to act in movies. Therefore he thought out various ways to fill the inability effectively to be trained. For example, on shootings he long spoke with agents and directors - tell me about the movie, let`s talk about this picture what you think of the movie what this hero, your way, says about that you think of it? .

Also Tom Cruise had a dream since the early childhood - he wanted to become a pilot. And probably, there is no best opportunity to learn to fly, than during preparation for the movie The Best shooter (where Tom Cruise plays a role of the pilot). And he came to take a lesson, and next day threw... He could not be engaged! He thought that at it inability to reading ... He felt that he had to cope with it, has to cope with it, has to cope with it. He tried everything. Various groups on training, courses of fast reading. He employed teachers who came and read together with it.

But soon after unfortunate attempt to be trained for the pilot Tom Cruise got acquainted with technology of training. Technology of training are a knowledge of HOW to study. And here that Tom speaks about it: The Technology of training works. It - for use. It can eliminate completely difficulties in education and change life. People of any age, in any society and any country can apply it. I it is not simple I advance technology of training. I it is not simple I trust in technology of training. I apply it every day in the life, the work, with the children and in any area of life. And I am live proof that she can make. And therefore nothing moves me more, than desire to help youth to receive what I did not have to realize the dreams .

Tom Cruise embodied dream of the childhood in reality. Now it has the license of the pilot . Two-engine plane. It can fly on devices, that is to any weather, only according to indications of devices. It even has a commercial license that means that he can be engaged in transportation of passengers and choose it as the profession if wants. He is trained as the pilot of aerobatics. Tom Cruise is a producer of movies. It has the film company. He owns and directs three companies and he continues to act in movies, except all this. And he studies every day.

Thanks to what the technology of training made for it it began to help others. He created a network of the centers of literacy called HELP - Hollywood project of education and literacy. These centers provide free training in people of different age and with the different past. As soon as they study technology of training, learn to teach them others - and are those, the earlier put diagnoses : illiteracy disorder of training syndrome of deficiency of attention and hyperactivity inability to reading inability to speak .

In conclusion Tom Cruise speaks: The Technology of training works. Everywhere, where it is applied. Helping others as the teacher, I understood that my case - not anomaly . Thousands of pupils - both children, and adults - passed through the " center; HELP . They learned about instruments of training and returned to society, having recognized the same that I learned:

- they are not backward

- to them it is impossible to paste a label

- they are capable and

- they can study everything that will want .

And it happens to everyone . And my mission is in making technology of training > in everyone who wants to receive it. Because exist real of the decision , but not simply frustration rage or take the medicine .

Education - is important. Our children need to be helped. It is that help thanks to which people will help also themselves. I did it earlier and I will continue to devote the life to reach it. I am extremely grateful to L. Ron Hubbard for the technology of training provided to them. Because I would not be here today if I did not recognize her. And I am proud of the fact that I participate in the movement of Applied education. Because now I know that I can really help . And you too can .

Learn to study! And then study all life, with pleasure! Embody the dreams in reality, achieve the objectives, become leaders and help others!

You can study technology of training in Applied Formation of the CIS.