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Whether happiness can bring knowledge of English?

In recent years I had more than once an opportunity to be convinced of big advantages which free knowledge of colloquial English gives to our compatriots. But for some reason especially strong impression was made on me by this history

Katya always seemed to me the person without shortcomings. Clever, beautiful, perfectly educated, always ready to come to the rescue, it literally attracted to itself people. But private life as it often happens, did not develop. Left the husband Katya also children: the charming curly girl and restless boys - twins - were brought up by one. I do not know how all this it is possible to be in time, but Katya, careful mother and the excellent hostess, and in studio where worked as the interior designer, was considered as very valuable expert Is clear to

that numerous friends and the girlfriend Katya were anxious with the device of her destiny. We constantly tried to acquaint her with somebody, though understood that to look for for it couple in the immediate environment is almost useless. It was necessary to expand a circle of contacts. But how if and even some clubs on interests Katya had no opportunity to visit secular parties? Some friends half in jest advised it more actively to communicate on the Internet, first of all with foreigners.

I regretted that Katya cannot follow this advice as too I consider the Internet - communication perspective and besides just very fascinating occupation. No, both with the computer, and with the Internet it was on " long ago; you . But here as for foreigners The matter is that the clear head Katya who graduated in due time the university could not as, however, and many of us to tell couples of phrases in English! What here communication! Ours knowledge English was at us a subject of constant jokes and sneers.

However, recently almost all studied language. Someone needed to maintain the relations with foreign partners, to someone English courses helped to promote, two of my friends, having tightened English, married foreigners. I rushed on courses of colloquial English after a trip to Egypt which from - for bad knowledge of language nearly turned back for me the tragedy. But Katya for occupations English had neither time, nor incentive.

The incentive appeared unexpectedly. I well remember how that evening joyfully - the excited Katya flew to me and demanded to tea. We drank tea, and Katya told how she got acquainted with the designer about two months ago from the States who came to them to studio within a creative exchange. Though got acquainted it is told strongly: he did not understand in Russian, it hesitated of the English - and as a result they did not tell each other words. Nevertheless the American already said hello to Katya through colleagues very warm twice.

You Understand, - Katya said, and her eyes sparkled some new gloss, - here I feel that it wash person! But how to be convinced of it?! And if it is that Chance - and I will miss it now? In half a year it has to arrive to us again, and I do not know what to do! But I knew. Opened a notebook, dictated phone of those English courses which I visited once itself, and surely added that in half a year they with the American without problems will understand each other. And was - I was not mistaken

the Wedding was played twice: at us, and in the States. The groom had an appearance typical men of my dream and some it is surprising Russian mentality. To Katin to children he became attached at once. The bride was absolutely happy. In the wedding day I only once saw alarm on her face when directly in a registry office she whispered to me: And if the destiny gave us only ONE chance, and I could not use it?! Remembering these her words, I am 680 - 66 phone - 73 those courses gave to all unmarried girlfriends. Just in case ]