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In what to meet year of the Rat?

Come New year - very soon we will plunge into such pleasant efforts as preparation for New Year`s holidays again. And again before us there will be a main issue - what to strike the relatives and friends this New Year`s evening with. As you already know 2008 - year of the Rat. Oh, it is not necessary to screw up the face - a rat the coquette that still and treats dresses quite seriously, thinking over each detail.

We will begin with the fact that this year there comes the expanse for those who prefer to store the old things in clothes, as they say till the best times. And so, we hurry to please you - time came to get the favourite things. In fashion again 80!

As any rat differs in pronounced moneymaking - came it is time to put all the stocks on use.

So, our rat is allocated with the developed imagination therefore she will be pleased by the most unimaginable and courageous dresses. Though, on the other hand, the rat prefers strict outlines, not striking colors and the covering silhouettes. And it is healthy because these tendencies are dictated to us by winter fashion - 2008.

We will address news of world podiums. There at us the minimalism manages. In the last hits of a season fall - the winter 2007 - 2008, first of all, dominates refusal of a decor, an ornament. It is gray - is black - white scale, simple lines, a simple and laconic silhouette. Lack of details.

The rat will be pleased quiet neutral tone, with impurity of gray color. If you do not suit pastel shades of flowers, use classical gray, white or black color. Agree, a little dullishly, all - New year - a holiday which demands special attributes, namely colourful and bright accessories. If you know, a rat an animal aggressive - therefore it will purpurno be pleasant to her - wine shades and Xing - violet scale. It is actual also bright grassy green and nebesno - blue.

The festive manicure - not only will add your image, but also will become the real ornament. Nails are preferable short and brilliant, with the shocking color and hot satin gloss.

The silver or bronze chain with a pendent which will ideally add your dress will become stylish ornament. Brooches and bright hairpins in hair will also draw its attention to themselves and will not leave indifferent men.

Women should pay attention to spirits to please with refined aroma thin Mouse sense of smell.

As for footwear. Gold and silver shoes from brilliant, glossy skin will become ideal addition to your dress. Accessories which will add your New Year`s image - dense opaque tights. It is possible to carry them with shoes and half boots. Light shoes can be put on with dark tights, and dark together with light. Also various golfs, leggings and dense socks, mainly black and gray color are welcomed.]