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As it is correct to plan the work of

How many times you heard how the trainer of a professional team explains to mass media the last loss in such expressions:

We did not observe our plan made on this game ?

Is good, but why they did not observe the plan for game if they initially intended to do it? Because it is very easy to go astray and deviate from a course. In nervousness and pressure of each episode of game you make decisions on the fly, an impromptu, in the mode of pure improvisation, sometimes for a fraction of a second. You so are fond of actions which are developed at present directly before you that at all you forget about the initial plan of game and only reflex react.

the situation and in life In the same way is. Often our actions according to the plan turn a zashtopyvaniye of that hole which was formed before me " right now and directly;. Calls by phone, deadlines, the changing priorities, unforeseen events, emergency cases, critical situations, new opportunities - all of them possess property to take away you aside from originally drawn up plan.

Knowing it, it is always important to have general idea of what you want to achieve for every week, every month, every year, and also to plan the work and to work according to the plan, seeking to reach conceived in practice.

is undoubted, there will still be unforeseen phone calls, deadlines and new turns of events which are persistently trying to draw your attention to yourself, but if you adhere to the following simple four-landmark operations procedure, then will find out that you will be able easily to correct a course when begins to take away you aside and by that you will manage to move ahead quickly and successfully to the purposes.

The STAGE 1 Make the

list Write down that is required to be executed this week what calls by phone, letters or actions will advance you towards your purposes. Whom you have to meet? What has to be made? What could obtain new information which will help you? What can you undertake for creation of additional opportunities? What steps could make the coming working week productive and successful? Develop the weekly list which will vigorously and energetically advance you to achievement of your purposes.

the STAGE 2 Carry out planned

If something can be made immediately - do it! What else can be made today? Do it! And in such spirit begin one to carry out behind another all that is present at your list. As the Russian mystic Gur - dzhiyev wisely recommended: Do not think of results, and just do . Allow action to be that means which will lead you to success. Carry out everything that entered in the list. Let it will be for you the top priority.

Can turn out that within this week there will be new events, and you want to add to the list still some tasks. It is fine, never add them, but - I repeat - never, under no circumstances delete points from the specified list (unless they are already executed). The only time when it is possible to withdraw an incomplete task - in a weekend, in the course of the analysis of a state of affairs. This important rule to which it is necessary to adhere unconditionally as it generates at you a habit to follow the drawn-up plan.

the STAGE 3 Analyze the actions

It is, alas, that stage which most of people in the plans of work in general lower that is an inadmissible and critical mistake. The analysis of last week is as important as planning of the forthcoming week. Actually you have to spend twice more time for the analysis and consideration of the last week, than take away on planning future as quite so you find out what actually happens to your work. Plans and good intentions are useless if they are not followed by effective actions. The analysis of a state of affairs will open a lot of things for you. In the course of it you have to ask yourself the mass of questions: What was executed by


What was not? Why?

What new events occurred? To what I learned


What should be made further? What I do

in insufficient degree? Why?

How to make my work more effective? Before planning the activity for the next week, analyse and in the most attentive way reconsider all actions made last week. You remember: the analysis is in many respects more important, than planning. Allow for this purpose special time and before moving forward. Find out what happened that was not made and why.

the STAGE 4 Make other

list on the basis of the analysis and the understanding of a situation reached by you during a stage 3 make the new list the forthcoming week.

If regularly to adhere to these four stages, then occur two important things. In - the first, the mass of work is performed, and it is anyway important. In - the second, and it is so important, you will find in yourself such behavior models, about existence which never guessed. Attentively and regularly, week, after a week analyzing the lists, you will find out that you systematically avoid some types of tasks. Understanding of this fact will open for you a lot of things and will make sober you. In general the knowledge of the bents very much will help you to make the internal changes necessary to reach bigger effect. you Remember

: know what should be done, and really to do is two absolutely different things. In what I offered you there is nothing considerably new; you probably as it is know a lot of things from this system.

But such knowledge - only the first step. The second, much more important step, consists in really to do it. Actions, but not words are the reason of changes in your life. If you are able to embody the specified strategy in the specific actions made week after a week, month after month, then will well promote on the way to achievement of much bigger success in life.]