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Excel 2007. Any news?

Ya I continue the review of appendices from structure of Microsoft Office 2007, and now we will consider the set following in popularity after Word - the tabular Microsoft Excel 2007 processor. It by right is considered the best in own way for many the standard when the speech comes about tables. the Majority of the innovations of the interface described in article about Word are fair

also concerning Excel. In the program there were thematic sets of teams (tape) too, there is a Document Inspector function , besides, the new Calibri font by default is used . Did not avoid also a line of the status, now there already familiar toddler for change of scale, and near it the most often used SUM and SRZNACh functions which values are displayed at allocation of group of cells are built in.

Thanks to the new interface many opportunities became more available - we will tell, conditional formatting is much more evident now. It significantly simplifies allocation in the table of data on any sign, for example, numbers in the set range, and the quantity of conditions is limited to nothing. Excel 2007 supports 64 levels of sorting of data, including on color.

Besides, in the new tabular processor tools for drawing up charts are considerably improved - I will note a possibility of use of almost unlimited number of flowers and emergence of such effects as transparency and soft shadows. Dialog boxes of settings of a format of areas of the chart and construction changed, now it is the special connected list in which all settings are successfully collected. Still we can edit colors and styles of lines, fillings, but also new options appeared: Transparency, Size, Corner, Degradation and Distance . By frequent drawing up the same charts function of their preservation in the form of templates will be useful to further use.

And, at last, it is necessary to mention the maximum size of the table. The quantity of lines is increased to 1 million columns - to 16 thousand within one book. The book Excel may contain 1024 leaves now. Certainly, processing significantly of the increased data arrays will require the increased computer productivity.

The advanced interface of creation of summary tables allows to receive result in several clicks of a mouse as it does not demand dragging of fields in the model. At the same time kickback for the majority of the actions connected with changes of such tables is supported.

New opportunities for creation of formulas in a cell of a work sheet turn on the panel of formulas of the changeable size and function of autoend of the text providing the accelerated input once of the expressions gathered in the current leaf. On a tab of the Formula collected all formulas which are built in Excel. They are broken on categories - Mathematical Engineering and so forth. Now the necessary formula can be found for couple of clicks of a mouse.

For formation of data on a work sheet subjects and styles are still used. At the same time the set of subjects - the general for Microsoft Office applications 2007, and a set of styles is specially intended for formatting of own objects of Excel, such as tables, charts etc. Subjects and styles can be adjusted by the user that gives the chance to create documents at the professional level.

Thanks to the general means for creation of charts and schedules in Excel, Word and PowerPoint uniform style of documents, tables and presentations is provided. At the same time Excel given a work sheet can be kept as in the document, and the presentation, with a possibility of further manipulations with data, and the new interface provides fast access to headings, axes, tags of data, a legend and other components of the chart in case of their change, formatting and removal.

In general very serious change of many elements did not affect Excel ergonomics in any way - to work in this editor still very conveniently. Though it should be noted that the majority of changes for the ordinary user everything are are not something revolutionary and bear nothing essentially new. And too extensive settings of appearance of charts can even confuse beginners, and probably for someone in this regard Excel 2003 will seem more conveniently.]