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What do we know about sesame oil?

Somehow, in one supermarket, among vegetable oils, I saw a small bottle with sesame oil. Then I bought it, but at first took an interest and that it in general for oil that in it special.

Here that I learned about it.

Sesame oil is primenenyat and inside, both for massage, and for care of skin.

Sesame oil - is got from sesame seeds (a grassy plant, up to 150 cm high, growing across all India and China). Sesame seeds since the most ancient times were used for receiving valuable oil. They contain fat oil (to 60%) which part glycerides of olein, linoleic, palmitic, stearin, arakhinovy and lignotserinovy acids are; phytosterol, sezamin (chloroform), sezamol, sezamolin, samol, and also are rich with calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and zinc. Oil is made by ancient traditional techniques and possesses the highest quality, has sweetishly - nut taste, a lung on structure. Oil is rich with minerals (zinc, calcium), vitamins E, And yes contains perfectly balanced polynonsaturated fatty acids, tokoferola, proteins and natural antioxidants (main - sezamol). Thanks to a sezamol possesses high resistance at long storage (till 8 years).

As beauty elixir sesame oil has thousand-year history. It possesses ability to get deeply into skin, to soften and clear it, removing harmful products of a metabolism, dirt and the died-off cages. Influences skin as natural antioxidant, prevents emergence of signs of presenilation of skin. Sesame oil - one of the few natural products which are capable to absorb UF - the radiation therefore it is often used in sun-protection cosmetics. This oil restores health of skin, heals wounds, cracks, burns and pain calms. Naturally moistens skin, calms burned on the sun and the angry skin. Returns freshness, youth and health to skin. At care of face skin it is possible to mix with essential oils (an incense, myrrh, a geranium, a lemon, a bergamot etc.) - skin changes to unrecognizability. Greasiness is normalized. Pores are narrowed and smooth out, inflammations and spots disappear. Sesame oil is good antibacterial means for skin and nails. Makes a fine basis of nutritious cosmetic products and approaches all-type skin, in particular it is useful for the dry, withering and shelled skin. Has the warming effect.

In India to kids since the birth the 10th minute massage with sesame becomes. At the same time children develop much more much more actively, than peers, are ill less and strong sleep peacefully.

It is recommended for care of all types of hair. Sesame oil - panacea to fat and sore head skin. An ideal hair preparation painted or badgered by chemistry. Sesame oil adds to hair gloss and softness, protects them from drying. Guarantees protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, protects them from drying. Protects hair from influence of the sun, the sea and chlorinated water. Sesame oil contains a lot of magnesium, the antistress element possessing the calming action weakening face muscles and bodies. Therefore additional result to care of hair - you receive also a fresh, well rested face with a flush on cheeks. Now the set of the European natural cosmetics for hair prepares on the basis of sesame oil (masks, mousses, shampoos, conditioners etc.) . Systematic use of sesame oil will allow to keep for a long time beauty and health of your hair.

Sesame oil is the valuable food product which is favorably influencing health at violations of a lipidic exchange (normalizes a metabolism), a hypertensive illness, inflammatory and degenerate diseases of joints. Sesame oil is effectively used for prevention of osteoporosis thanks to availability in it of calcium, phosphorus (construction materials for a bone tissue) and the phytoestrogen controlling processes of a resorption of bones. At exhaustion sesame oil promotes to growth of " meat; at obesity - to weight loss. In all cases sesame oil strengthens a body.

This oil - one of the fixed assets used in and the Indian traditional medicine. It is considered curative, bringing poisons and slags out of an organism. The Indian medicine calls sesame " oil; hot and sharp . Suppresses cold diseases, oppresses slime and " wind;. It is effective at pulmonary diseases, short wind, dry cough, asthma. Heart troubles, a liver, a gall bladder, a pancreas (in particular, diabetes) and a thyroid gland, at treatment of the increased acidity of gastric juice, an anemia. Also it is applied at locks, ulcers. In modern medicine sesame oil is applied inside to treatment trombopenichesky purples, an essetsialny trombopeniya and hemorrhagic diathesis. It raises number of platelets and accelerates coagulability of blood. It is used for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis (interferes with formation of blood clots). Are applied at preparation of injection solutions from fat-soluble preparations, oil emulsions, medical oils, ointments, liniment, plasters.

A large number of people complain of an unpleasant state - dryness of a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity (including burning, an itch, downtroddenness of a nose, emergence of korkoobrazny substances and clots). An effective remedy of this treatment is sesame oil. On two drops of sesame oil before going to bed, grinding of soles of legs and a breast - will relieve you of cold and the chronic catarrhal phenomena. Instillations in ears of two drops of sesame oil - will be improved by hearing and will warn the diseases connected with hearing.

Application method:

For care of hair - to apply on head skin, carefully massing - to rub. To wash away warm water 30 minutes later. After that to wash out hair with soap use.

For care of a body - different types of massage, from the easiest to rigid. After massage to leave on a body within 40 minutes, then to wash away warm water with soap.

For face care - quiet movements to put on a face and area. In 30 minutes to blot surplus with a napkin.

In the Chinese medicine daily morning procedure is rinsing of a mouth and throat with sesame oil. It is carried out as follows: gather sesame oil in a mouth and hold it during 3 - minutes, slightly moving it to oral cavities. Such procedure will remove all harmful substances which are emitted from an organism in a night in an oral cavity. She will strengthen teeth and gums, will prevent development of caries. Will reduce sensitivity to the use of sour substances and will strengthen flavoring receptors. Successfully will help to cope with mimic wrinkles and will strengthen a chin. Helps for improvement of a voice. Especially such procedure is useful to those who live in the dusty cities, uses a central heating, in a frigid climate. As at the same time strongly dry up mucous throats and a nose. Mucous a nose it is also necessary to oil sesame before an exit to the street. It will help to fight effectively with the ENT SPECIALIST - diseases.


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