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How to store the bicycle in the winter?

Most of owners of bicycles actively use them only in summertime. To ride a bicycle in the winter the few venture. Cold, it is slippery, early darkens - such driving does not give any pleasure. Therefore the majority of bicycles winter like bears - in hibernation. Late fall, when to ride does not pull any more, there are questions - where to store the bicycle in the winter and how to prepare it for winter storage?

Where to store the bicycle in the winter?

Rubber and plastic details at influence of a direct sunlight, considerable temperature drops lose elasticity, become fragile. The varnish which covered a frame grows dull and collapses.

A are undesirable to metal details an atmospheric precipitation - a rain, snow. First of all the chain suffers from corrosion. Bearing knots are subject to corrosion too, but they are usually protected by epiploons and boots.

Therefore ideal option for storage of the bicycle will be the dry room without sharp differences of temperatures in the winter. For example, it is possible to store the bicycle in the apartment … At the same time it is not recommended to store the bicycle near heating devices, otherwise he will experience those temperature drops.

Other option of storage - on a balcony. If the balcony is glazed, then it is enough to protect the bicycle from hit of a direct sunlight, having covered with some paper - a rag - a film. And here on an open balcony it is undesirable to store the bicycle - its sense it is impossible to protect from a rain and snow.

Can store the bicycle in not heated room (in garage, a shed) - snow with the rain does not get there. Result of storage quite satisfactory.

How to prepare the bicycle for winter storage? First of all the bicycle needs to be washed up and greased with

well. Especially carefully it is necessary to wash up and grease a chain - it will protect it from corrosion. Greasing of bearings of plugs can be dated for the end of a season, for preservation too.

should wipe after that all metal details with the oiled rag. The chain should be transferred to the smallest asterisks both in front, and behind. At the same time the tension of cables of gear shifting will be minimum.

If the bicycle stands on a floor, then it is necessary to pump up tires up to the working pressure that they were not deformed. And it is necessary to check periodically pressure in tires in the winter. If you prefer to store the bicycle, suspending it for the hook hammered into a wall, then it is possible to reduce pressure in tires - all of them will not be deformed equally.

How to reduce bicycle dimensions at storage?

At shortage of the place for storage of the bicycle can remove a forward wheel, to turn out pedals from rods and to wrap them in rods from a reverse side, and also to develop a wheel on 90 °.

Good wintering!