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To Come Varenitchcov? Range of recipes of a tasty dish.

of Eniki - Beniki ate vareniki!

Who such Eniki? And with Benikami she is not familiar at all, but varenichka about - - about - - and - yu!!!

Now it is difficult to present Ukrainian cuisine without vareniki. Though there were they in Ukraine thanks to influence of Turks. East dish dyush - a vara became varanik and then vareniki. And how Gogol sang of vareniki? They in a mouth fly! This picture from the old movie Evenings on the farm near Dykanka long rose before eyes - the captivated action! As nicely Solokh trained them. Also we will stay this Cuolohui. We are accepted for good reason.

Vareniki prepare from fast test . It prepares quickly and has to be thin and elastic. There is a lot of recipes of the test for vareniki. The simplest - to sift flour in a bowl, to make in it a funnel, to hammer 1 - 2 eggs, to add salt and to pour very cold (it is possible with ice cubes) in water. To knead elastic dough and at once to undress from it vareniki.

can make custard paste - we fill in a small amount of flour with boiled water and we mix. We add the rest of flour and the remained water of room temperature. We add some egg and we knead dough to homogeneous, elastic mass. We leave dough covered for 30 - 40 minutes. In total on this recipe 3 glasses of flour, 2,5 glasses of water and 3 eggs are necessary. Pour water gradually - dough will take so much how many for it it is necessary not to make sticky weight.

What your most favourite vareniki? I most of all love with cherries. With potatoes. With mushrooms. It is possible to prepare both with cottage cheese, and with apples, and with raspberry, and with a liver, and with potatoes and meat and it is a lot of - many different stuffings can be thought up for this most tasty dish.

The most widespread recipe - cherry dumplings .

Stuffing. We fill up pitted cherries with granulated sugar and we leave for 3 hours that juice was emitted. Then juice is merged in separate ware, it is useful for sauce. If from fresh cherries to prepare it. In the summer and I do. And in the rest of the time of year - from compote or frozen. Usually they already without stones. So the stuffing prepares similarly.

Now it was necessary to connect together - dough and a stuffing. Here the most interesting begins! We roll dough in a leaf 2 mm thick, we divide into rombik about 5 cm in size and we put a small amount of a stuffing. Tips of vareniki zashcheplyay, so that they were not thick. We put a varenik on the middle of a palm, and a hand thumb exactly we bend edges, doing a lacy tuck. The ends of vareniki do not connect as in pelmeni - a half moon form. The most important that there were no holes - differently will flow out our tasty juice.

And water already joyfully boils in a pan, and hungry participants - observers took seat at a table waiting. We lower vareniki in the boiling added some salt water and we wait so far they will emerge. About 8 minutes cook. As soon as they emerge, we catch vareniki a skimmer or a wooden spoon not to break through dough. We give fragrant varenichka with the syrup made on the basis of the juice merged from cherries or with sour cream. With honey. With yogurt. With cream. For every taste. You already wanted such vkusnyashka with a heat - heat?

Cottage cheese dumplings. to

to me like salty cottage cheese dumplings. To Bor a pack of fat cottage cheese - 250 g, 1 egg, salt and green onions - small I crumble. I mix all this - the stuffing is ready!

If to add sugar - will be traditional cottage cheese dumplings.

Crude potato dumplings.

Crude potatoes rub on a grater, salt, pepper is added. We put in dough. We mold varenichka. We cook 10 - 15 minutes. Smetanka. Super! My father very much liked such vareniki to fry with onions. At first onions are fried - as soon as become golden - boiled vareniki are put. Also are slightly roasted to a crust.

Prunes dumplings.

Prunes steam out, stones are removed. It is small cut. I do not add sugar to such stuffing - natural it is very tasty. If for you a stuffing sourishly - add sugar.

Mushrooms dumplings. boil

of 100 grams of dry mushrooms, pass via the meat grinder, add 2 - 3 fried bulbs. Salt. The stuffing is ready. If there to add boiled potatoes - mashed potatoes - absolutely other recipe. Or 1,5 glasses of boiled haricot instead of potatoes. Also - via the meat grinder. Plus mushrooms. Plus fried onions. Taste of spetsifizztseskiya!

And still there are vareniki lazy they are cottage cheese dumplings, they are trickled pastries. In them no stuffing is put at all.

Dough: We connect flour to the butter softened in heat, we add eggs, cottage cheese and sugar. Properly we stir everything.

Preparation: We divide dough into several big pieces and we roll in sausages which in turn we cut on small squares or rombik. Lazy vareniki in the boiling water cook several minutes. On a table move with sour cream.

Ingredients: 500 g of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 1 Art. of flour, 100 g of granulated sugar, 100 g of butter. However, it is simple? And as vkuuuuuusno!

Forward, on kitchen! To mold vareniki! In total together!]