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What is expected by the woman from family life?

Darling, bride, wife Beginning of new life, new relations, new duties.

Looking after the future wife, you (men) submit her soul, its feelings and her thought, try to obtain her affection for yourself. Then the woman without fear gives also the body. But it does not mean that you at last won the big prize and it is possible to forget about female soul! You were her knight in the shining armor who carried her on hands. Do not throw the darling at the road, having passed one mile! Courting should not come to an end after a wedding, on the contrary, it has to become more intensive! Remember that if you look after the wife the same as when tried to subdue it, you will find what proceeding adventure will be an acquaintance to it.

Psychologists claim that outlooks on life, including on family life, at men and women are various. Also their needs and expectations differ. What is expected by the woman, marrying?

Whether you noticed that women do not become hermits? It because women in the majority are more sociable, than men. The wife needs communication with the husband. When the woman marries, she looks at this relationship as on communication which will last all life. The man wants that from time to time he was left alone, giving him the chance to work in garage or to spend time with friends. Irrespective of circumstances, in good marriage each of spouses has to learn to reckon with interests and needs of another.

The wife needs compassion. women have an innate sense of compassion which men do not have. The woman sees those who are helpless, and wishes them to help, and the man tries to understand why the person appeared in such state and that can help it to get out of it. As the woman has this feeling of compassion and she gives very much, there are moments when it not in mood. At this moment your spouse herself needs that you showed compassion to it. Embrace her, tell how you love it. Your compassion will calm her.

The wife expects from marriage of an infinite holiday of life, continuation of the romantic relations and beautiful courtings. Women are very romantic. They need flowers and gifts - romantic trifles even if there is no other occasion as soon as the fact that you think of it and you value it. To be romantic, a lot of money is not required. Of great importance the fact that you hold it by a hand is for it or embraced her for shoulders when together you go somewhere. Open before it doors and treat it, as the queen in all that you do for it.

The wife needs attachment. your attachment shows it that you preserve it. Attachment which testifies to your fidelity and love gives to the wife feeling of safety. When it is only possible, you hold it by a hand, embrace her, both your frequent and gentle touches will convince her that your force and love preserve it. But attachment is not only touches. You can show the attachment words. Your half needs words of encouragement and expression of your appreciation. When she is in a difficult situation and looks for your help, it needs your attention, your support and a wise advice.

At last, your wife needs passion. About! Men, you of course, hoped to see also it in the list! But here that extremely important: if the woman does not receive what is listed in the first four points - communication, compassion, romantics and attachments, - can forget that about the fifth! You remember, it a well which water it is necessary to excite. It is not similar to you - a source which is always ready to gush forth! If you told to the wife the encouraging and supporting words during the day if you found for her time if you held it by a hand and opened before it a door, then when there comes evening, it will not be difficult for it to give itself to you and to answer your passion. She waits for it from you, she rejoices to the moments of proximity and enjoys it if you recognize that fine being with what it was created by God in the wife.]