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How it is correct to choose flowers as a gift?

Custom to give flowers - it is always gallant and romantic. For timid or diffident to present a bouquet is the easiest way to tell about the feelings.

The hobby for flowers goes back to an extreme antiquity. Sacred groves of Ancient Greece were covered with roses, carnations, narcissuses, lilies and daisies. Gardeners of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia during the whole year grew up roses, lilies of the valley, poppies. A rank of the oldest among the flowers which are grown up by the person roses deserve. They grew in gardens in the east 5000 years ago.

According to the legend Aphrodite, the goddess of love, flared passion to beautiful and charming Adonis. It was with it to the last day, about that minute when during hunting canines of a wounded animal pierced in Adonis`s body. Aphrodite could not leave the most enthusiastic love without trace and memory. Also the flower of invisible beauty, gentle, languid and passionate grew on Adonis`s grave. Its name on the majority languages of the world sounds approximately equally - the ROSE. Whatever was the rose origin source, this flower, undoubtedly, is the most known symbol of beauty and love. If in the flowers to admire, inhale their aroma, to talk to them, then they give you part of the vital force. It is considered that to each zodiac sign there corresponds the flower. For example: To a scorpion - a narcissus, to the Sagittarius - a lavender, a violet, a jasmine; To the Capricorn - poppy, a ginseng.

Each flower makes the appointment and the hidden sense. Language of flowers can be not less expressive and clear, than words, gestures and views. The symbolics of flowers changes in the different countries, and it can be same unclear as the foreign speech: many people have a love sign - a rose; British have a forget-me-not, Chinese have a peony.

Bouquet. The fashion did it to everyones: round and flat, huge and small, from uniform and different flowers. Drawing up a bouquet - the whole science, and more likely even art. Some like to give bouquets, others present one flower.

The Arab proverb says: It is better to give to darling every day on a flower, than at once all flowers in one bouquet . But it - already your business. Only do not forget that if you were going to present one flower, then it has to be large. It is so possible to give a rose, a carnation, a big chrysanthemum, a lily, a gladiolus.

Experts on female psychology, French came to a conclusion that it is possible to present flowers with sense if to take into account age, a social status and an occasion in which present a bouquet. The unsophisticated girl at a meeting is given the semi-opened fragrant flowers - pink or yellow buds of roses, red carnations, lilies of the valley, white chrysanthemums, etc.; to the young woman - magnificently blossoming red roses, gladioluses, tulips, carnations of gentle shades, chrysanthemums, dahlias; elderly - elegant, not too bright flowers of light tones (including blossoming pottery - hydrangeas, cyclamens, rhododendrons).

Best of all the bouquets made of flowers of one look look. On appointments it is better to bring a modest bouquet of violets, gillyflowers, cornflowers, camomiles, daisies. It is not necessary to drag a bouquet of huge gladioluses (you present it to any solemn occasion). But do not forget the most important - you present a bouquet in the flowers up, and not vice versa. Never you give faded flowers, and that the woman can understand it as a certain hint.

For a betrothal choose found faintly - yellow roses, white and pink carnations, gerberas of various shades. During visit of the groom to the house of the bride it is necessary to have two bouquets: for mother - from dismissed strict flowers - callas, lilies, chrysanthemums, for the bride - from the semi-dismissed buds.

At the birth of the child of his mother present flowers pink or a krasnogotona (for example, roses, carnations, freesias) if the girl, and blue, blue or violet was born (for example, violets, forget-me-nots, anemones) if the boy. At the birth of twins present two identical bouquets.

Psychological implication of visually perceived general color scale is extremely important for any bouquet: prevalence of a red tonality creates solemn, cheerful mood; white - feeling of freshness and purity; orange and yellow - warmth and light; blue - credibility.

All know that a rose - a symbol of love and beauty. And whether you know that color of roses is very important too. And other flowers can tell a lot of things.

In language of flowers the symbolics of paints is very important. So, red and white roses in one bouquet mean unity, pink - grace and elegance, and yellow - pleasure or pleasure of communication. It is possible to express the desires by means of orange or coral roses. Darkly - red or claret will tell your darling that she is madly beautiful. Pink roses mean hope and tenderness. The sensitive personality, the romantic who very touchingly and gently treats you can present a bouquet of pink color. The single rose means modesty, and is good as addition for a gift.

The choosing violet color is deeply and thinly feeling person who is guided by eternal values and very seriously belongs to the environment, in this case to you. Fresh orange tone symbolizes the optimistical attitude towards reality, a sign of attachment and passionate desires. Yellow color is good for expression of rough feelings too. Scarlet flowers speak about ardent and deep feeling and passionate desire. White flowers - paints of purity and innocence - the bright proof of tender feelings, respect and passionate attachment which your beloved has for you.

Several flowers play the same role, as a rose: red chrysanthemums, tulips or carnations speak " too; I love you . Daisies will pay a compliment to beauty of your beloved, and elegant flowers of a lily will tell that this beauty is simply irresistible. And here the lilac can be given only once because it is considered that it belongs to the first love. A gardenia - for shy and timid as it expresses the hidden love about which it is not told. Violets express attachment. Narcissuses, self-love flowers will help to play a trick on vanity.

Here you also learned which - that about symbolics of flowers. However you remember that this knowledge can play a double role if you know that the flower means, and the one to whom you give it - no. So do not take offense. If language of flowers nowadays to very few people is known, you should not give it too great value.

The main thing - you give to darlings flowers always.