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How to get rid of domestic ants?

It only in appearance seem that house some muravyishka very small. Actually, in our apartments there live the most real tropical animals. Also they are called quite mysteriously - faraonova ants as though it is an uncountable host of some ancient Egyptian master. From where they undertook and why left the homeland?

It appears, everything is very simple. Name faraonova ants appeared as a result of a mistake of the Swedish scientist Karl Linney who considered as the homeland of these insects Egypt. It would be more correct to call them Indian, or, for that matter, ants of rajahs. From India approximately their moving began with the middle of the 16th century thanks to development of navigation worldwide. The sailing vessels going to this country behind spices, a sandalwood, a carved ivory and rubies in gold brought home, among other things, and little yellowish insects.

In Russia faraonova ants appeared at the end of the 19th century, however on them as on wreckers turned a close attention only at the end of 1940 - x years when all European territory of the country was already it is taken .

And now from history we will pass to practice. The discomfort created by presence in the house of faraonovy ants is obvious, but whether there can be from them some more notable harm? And how to get rid of that and another?

The ant is omnivorous, the garbage can is attractive to it the same as a sugar bowl or a bread box. Traveling to and fro, he involuntarily becomes the messenger of microbes, the same as a fly or a cockroach. Danger is how big, depends on a condition of a garbage can (it is clear that not only your garbage can, but also vedyor all your neighbors, ants, unlike us, can move absolutely freely from one apartment in another!) apartments in general and number of ants. That`s all.

Another matter - fight. It is difficult to struggle with ants, but it is possible. The main thing here - to consider some features of ant life. So, the nest where there are females, or the ant queens making everything new and new working individuals is considered heart of a colony of faraonovy ants. Females do not leave nests and cannot get to themselves food independently, they are fed by infertile working ants.

It is very difficult to find a nest of faraonovy ants in the apartment. Usually it is reliably hidden in some small cavity in a wall or in a floor. Even if to you will carry, and you will find an ant manhole, do not hurry to break away a tile or to remove a parquet: the corridor hidden from eyes conducting in a nest can be quite long, and you should spoil not one tile or a parquet hoard. However time working ants feed all colony, it is possible to try through them to treat females and larvae some poisonous potion. It is possible if concentration of poison or that is the most effective - the boric acid corroding chitin of which the body of an ant consists is small (will not exceed 2 - x percent). The ant will not die at once, and will inform of him colony heart.

There are several simple recipes:

Ants are frightened off by a smell of sunflower oil, leaves of elder, wild mint and a wormwood. Try to grease their roads with garlic approximately few times in a month.

If to gather in bank of water, to add honey or sugar, they will creep in it and to sink.

To part on a glass of water of about 1/4 teaspoons of boric acid, three teaspoons of sugar and one - two teaspoons of honey. The bait in small ware needs to be exposed not once or twice, and within a month, and in such place where ants can reach, and other pets are not. You watch that the poison for ants did not become a dangerous toy of your children.

The knowledge of laws of life of an ant colony allows not only to find a suitable way of fight, but also relieves of excess fears. So, even if having returned from guests together with a piece of grandmother`s pie, you will bring several fruitless working muravyishka, all of them will not be able equally to base a colony and to begin to breed. Moving only females know. If it was not so, then to an ant it would be required to a faraonov much less time to be settled on the world.

Good luck to you in release of the housing from ants.