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What costs for rejuvenation by a placenta ? Five myths about placentary cosmetics of

It is as clear as day that to be far better for young people, than old. There is a strong wish that youth lasted years forty, at least. However it is impossible, the nature prevails. Generally, aging - quite objective process and any achievements of science to stop it not in forces so far. It is impossible to win against an old age, and here it is quite possible to fight against its external signs. And on it all power of modern cosmetology is under construction.

Business here in presentation: when in the morning from a mirror watch three tens lived years, at once you understand that years - that go, any unpleasant thoughts in the head climb. And here if to use the rejuvenating cosmetics - that aging signs not so are evident, unpleasant thoughts can be postponed for later and to continue to live and have fun. To what it I? Certainly, to a problem of the rejuvenating cosmetics. Well, it does not rejuvenate! Its application is directed only to reduction of signs of aging. Also it is worth to remember about it.

I placentary cosmetics - one of such " directions; rejuvenation .

The placenta is the special body which is carrying out communication and a metabolism between an organism of mother and a germ during pre-natal development. It is formed during pregnancy at all mammals, including, and at the person. As well as any other body, a placenta contains proteins, fats, nucleinic acids and vitamins. In it it not strongly differs, say, from a piece of a liver. Besides, in a placenta there is a synthesis of the different hormones necessary for normal course of pregnancy. Also in it there are a lot of different proteinaceous factors influencing life of cages. In cosmetology use also the placenta received from animals and a placenta of the person. If a placenta human - then somewhere in the description of cosmetics there has to be a word allogenny .

Myths about placentary cosmetics

the Myth 1. The human placenta for production of cosmetics is received from the abortive material

This not so. Here the main argument is greed of producers - the mature placenta received after the birth of the child, time in ten is more, than the placenta received after abortion. That is use of abortive material is ten times less favorable.

Myth 2. The human placenta in cosmetics works more effectively, than a placenta of animals

On the content of biologically active agents a human and animal placenta do not differ. By and large there is no difference what placenta was taken for cream or a mask.

Myth 3. History of application of a placenta somewhere in 40 - x years of the last century begins to use a placenta for steel rejuvenation of

quite recently. Then it became clear that placentary preparations, really, can reduce aging signs considerably. Then it turned out that the reason for that - effect of different steroid hormones which contain in a placenta in large numbers. These hormones actively get into skin, especially, if the rejuvenating cream fat.

However, pleasure from opening lasted not for long: there were proofs that impact of hormones on skin has several the very unpleasant side effects. Violation of a hormonal background - the most smaller of the evils. Having terrified the received results, hormones began to delete from placenta preparations urgently. The majority of modern placentary means of hormones does not contain any more. By the way, sometimes producers of placentary cosmetics to attract potential buyers, tell about old works of 1960 - x years where magic action of a placenta is described. And so: in these works it is about properties of the placenta which is not cleared of hormones, therefore, no parallel with efficiency of present placentary preparations can be drawn. These are not correlated things.

Myth 4. The placentary cosmetics rejuvenates

Very doubtfully. But, perhaps, means that it can accelerate cell fission? Really, the placenta contains the mass of growth factors. These are such little squirrels who force to share certain groups of cages. There is, for example, a factor of growth of vessels which causes the strengthened growth of capillaries, a factor of growth of fibroblast, cells of connecting fabric, etc. At the expense of such growth factors the placentary cosmetics can accelerate healing of wounds and wounds on skin. By the same principle medicine works solkoserit on the basis of an extract of blood of calfs. Whether it is necessary to stimulate cell fission of the uninjured skin? I here with some fear look at this business: than more such stimulations - that a high probability of tumoral regeneration of cages, that is developing of cancer. In cells of the person there is a set of the protective mechanisms preventing regeneration. If a cage forcibly to force to share powerful processing of growth factors, that is the chance that these protective mechanisms will break.

of Missile defense solkoserit know that they it exactly medicine, and will not use it once again. For placentary cosmetics restriction of use is, in my opinion, only the purse of the buyer.

Myth 5. The placentary cosmetics nourishes skin with

nutrients the Greatest effect of placentary cosmetics is connected with the maintenance of a large amount of proteins, nucleinic acids and polysaccharides. Through skin of a molecule of these substances do not get as too big. Any words about food of skin by them - an advertizing trick. Sense of their action - moistening of skin. Here, by the way, it is necessary to know that humidifiers can sometimes dry skin. How they act? These are the molecules capable to connect water - at normal humidity they take water from air and if atmospheric humidity is strongly lowered (for example, in the winter indoors), then these humidifiers, on the contrary, will take away it from skin.

Summing up the result: the effect of placentary cosmetics is, but it is not so high at all as producers write. And possible consequences are present too. To apply or not such cosmetics - a personal record of everyone.]