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The most famous suicides in the history of

to the Mighty of the earth afford everything. Sometimes even... to leave it voluntarily. We submit you the list of the Most famous suicides in the history.

Anaksagor . Famous Greek philosopher. It was unfairly accused of espionage in favor of Persia. In court it was protected by Pericles therefore charges were dismissed. Despite it, considered suspicion of change as an indelible shame and Antisfen committed suicide in 428 g of AD of

, the founder of a kinizm, was pinned up by a dagger from - for senile an infirmity (about 336 g of AD).

Democritus destroyed himself hunger strike for the same reason (470 g of AD).

Diogenes Sinopsky . Rolled up the head plashchy and choked (323 g of AD) .

Metrokl . Greek philosopher. If to trust Diogenes Laertsky, committed suicide, having held the breath.

Dionysius . Greek philosopher, famous Zenon`s pupil, founder of stoicism. Starved himself to death.

Pythagoras . Famous Greek scientist, philosopher and religious figure. On one of versions died after forty-day hunger strike.

Empedocles . Greek philosopher. According to Diogenes, committed suicide, having rushed to a volcano muzzle Etna.

Antipatr . Military leader at first Philip of Macedon, and then and Alexander. After death of the last in 323 g of AD lived some more years, but soon understood that business of creation of the Empire has no prospects and got poisoned with poison.

Hannibal . After the first war with Rome Hannibal remained in Carthage. Romans suspected it of preparation of new war, and he was forced to run to the Syrian tsar Antiochus III, having become his military adviser. War with Rome which was lost followed. Hannibal ran in Vifiniya. Romans began to demand from the local tsar Prussia delivery of the sworn enemy. When Hannibal learned that the tsar decided to concede to Rome, accepted poison.

Mark Brut and Guy Kassy . After murder of Caesar wishing to abolish a republican system, Brut and Kassy waged unsuccessful war with Octavian, Anthony and Pompey`s triumvirate. Suffered a checkmate and committed suicide. Kassy ordered to one of the soldiers to kill himself with a sword.

Mark Anthony . At first Octavian Augustus`s ally in war against Brut and Kassy. Married Cleopatra later and became Octavian`s enemy. In sea fight near the cape of Actions the Egyptian fleet was destroyed. Romans landed in Egypt, Anthony`s troops ran up. Anthony rushed on a sword.

Cleopatra . After Anthony`s death lived several months under house arrest of Octavian. That convinced her to abdicate for itself(himself) and for the children. Cleopatra intended to finish life, leaving successors of children. Octavian threatened what in this case executes her children. Cleopatra hesitated. At last, one Roman soldier admitted to it that it is going to be taken in the shameful chariot on streets of Rome, and to execute children. Then the queen ordered to bring a basket with fruit in which the snake hid. She lowered a hand there and died of a sting, having sent a note to Octavian: I Want to be buried near Anthony . Octavian was in rage and executed her son from Julius Caesar, and also children Anthony from first marriage. Cleopatra and Anthony`s general children remained to live.

Seneca . The Roman philosopher - is firm. Tutor of future emperor Neron, and then and head of the government. Got to disgrace and through some time received the order from the emperor to commit suicide. Sitting in a bathroom on the rich country house, in an environment of the family and slaves, cut to itself veins and accepted poison. Secretaries wrote down each his last word (65 AD).

Petrony Arbitrator . Author Satyricon . It was involved in plot against Neron. When everything opened, committed suicide. Having cut veins, it slightly rolled up them fabric that blood followed slowly. His friends surrounded it and till the last moment charmed his hearing by verses and music (66 AD).

Not Ron . The long-term zhestokost caused mutiny in Gallia and Spain as a result of which it was declared by the Senate deposed and it is left to the mercy of fate at first by praetorian guard, and then and all the citizens. Disappeared on one of country houses near Rome. Long could not decide on suicide. At last, when the approaching enemies were heard, ordered to the slave pin up him a sword in a throat (68 AD) .

Oton . The Roman emperor within several months after Neron`s death. Hoped to hold the power, without resorting to bloodshed. However other applicants for a throne developed military operations. Oton at first won three small battles, then lost one large. In spite of the fact that it had a lot more troops in addition to it allies hurried, declared that more blood does not want and sacrifices himself. After that thrust to itself in heart a dagger.

Judas Iscariot . According to the Gospel regretted Christ`s treachery and hung itself. However there is a set of versions of this event up to that betraying, Judas carried out Jesus`s will.

Van Gogh . The main version of suicide - schizophrenia which was suffered by the artist. Made the last dab of the picture Crows in a wheat field also shot to itself at the head (1890).

Alexander Radishchev . Returned from the reference by Paul I, was that not

less in disgrace. One of grandees clearly let it know that he will easily organize also a repeated Siberian exile. The exhausted writer did not sustain and drank a glass of acid then he still tried to cut veins.

Alexander Fadeyev . The writer who is treated kindly by the power shot to himself at heart, having left a note: I do not see an opportunity to live further since art to which I gave the life is ruined self-confidently - ignorant party leadership and it cannot be now corrected...

Sergey Yesenin . Hung itself on a heating pipe of a hotel room Angleterre . Motives are unknown. Despite the suicide note, persistent rumors that it was the murder which is carried out by intelligence agencies go.

Vladimir Mayakovsky . Shot at heart. In the suicide note asked: Do not gossip, the dead man of it did not love . Let`s comply a request of the poet especially as about motives of suicide there are no reliable data. And too, as well as in case of Yesenin, suspicion that it was murder.

Lilya Brik . Already at advanced age broke a hip neck that served as the suicide reason.

Marina Tsvetaeva . Tragic combination of circumstances. The husband is shot. Besides charge that else being of Paris hung on it he cooperated with People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs and handed over figures of the White Guard movement. The daughter - in camp. In evacuation in Yelabuga Marina Ivanovna fell a victim of collective persecution. When she asked to herself the place of the dishwasher, Marietta Sciaghinjan declared that as Tsvetaeva nalzya to trust such people even such work. The son was hostile to it expressly. Certainly, it did not sustain all this and hung itself.

Alexander Bashlachev . Was thrown out of a window (1988). Motives are unknown, but all his creativity carried such tragic shade that the similar outcome in fact was predetermined.

Kurt Cobain , leader of " group; Nirvana committed suicide in 1994 in a sozrasta of 27 years.

Ernest Hemingway . Put the gun to a breast and a toe pulled the trigger. Spoke about alcoholism. But it is only the external reason.

Stefan Zweig with the spouse . Forced to emigrate from Europe infected with Nazism, since 1934 lived in emigration in Brazil. Isolation from the homeland, the bad news coming from Europe their privevl to suicide in 1942. They drank sleeping pill and died in embraces of each other.

Jack London . Stuck to himself a lethal dose of morphine. The reasons are unknown. Refer to alcoholism.

Virginia Woolf . The famous German writer was drowned, having filled the pockets with stones. The reason - death of the beloved nephew, the beginning of war, a nervous breakdown, the fire of the house.

Louis Boussenard . Left in the noble way (1910) - starved himself to death. It distributed to friends letters: Louis Boussenard has honor to invite you to his civil funeral which will take place (on it - that to the address). Not in forces to endure death of the wife, it leaves on the sixty third year of life .

Akutagava Ryunoske , famous Japanese writer. Having a mental disorder, accepted veronal (1927).

Yukio Misima . Famous Japanese writer. As the true Samurai all life trained himself for death. In the story Patriotism in details described procedure of a hara-kiri. Organized the student`s monarchic organization. Together with four followers made in 1970 a hopeless attempt of monarchic revolution on military base of Itigaya. When it failed (what he also did not doubt in advance), made a ceremony of ritual suicide.

Yasunari Kawabata , the Nobel laureate on literature. Got poisoned with gas (1972). Among the reasons call also experiences concerning Misima`s death.

Artur Kestler . Author The Blinding darkness in old age had Parkinson`s illness. Together with the wife accepted sleeping pill (1983).

Tolstoy Alexey Konstantinovich . Was a morfinist. In 1875 stuck a lethal dose.

Shenshin (Fet) Afanasy . The illegal son of the Russian landowner and the married German all life fought for the right to carry a surname of the father. Exhausted with this fight, he dictated to the secretary the last letter and brought a dagger to be pinned up. The secretary pulled out at it a dagger, they began to chase on the house. In a few minutes the poet fell to a chair and died of a cardiac rupture. He was 72 years old.

Siegmund Freud suffered more than ten years from cancer. At last he persuaded the attending physician to stick to it a lethal dose of morphine. Died in a dream (1939).

Ippolit Muravyev is the Apostle . The Decembrist, the younger brother of the executed Sergey Muravyev - the Apostle. When revolt of the Chernihiv regiment was suppressed, directly in the battlefield shot himself.

Ivan Sukhinov . Decembrist. It was banished in Transbaikalia. There, in Mountain Zerentuye prepared revolt and escape of exiled of Decembrists. When plot was given by the traitor, he was sentenced to punishment by a whip, to a branding and smertky execution. Not to allow such shame, it hung itself. When it was taken out from a loop it still was live, but the doctor from mercy did not begin to give him help and he died.

Anastasius Kuzmin . Decembrist. After suppression of revolt of the Chernihiv regiment seriously injured it was taken in the battlefield. Managed to hide the gun and it was shot at night.

Boltzmann . Famous chemist. The scientific community actively did not accept its works therefore he was depressed and committed suicide.

Rudolf , the crown prince Avstro - Hungary and his loved Maria Vechera. The reason of suicide of this couple in 1889 remain unknown. The most probable cause is that they could not get married (the prince was already married).

Nicholas I . There is a version that he got poisoned. The possible reason - defeat in the Crimean war and crash of all its long-term policy.

Savva Morozov . It was shot, being in Nice. It was actually discharged of the management of the factories. At the time of sincere crisis any soul which could help to endure to it a depression was not near.

Alexander Kerensky . The head of provisional government lived in emigration even till 1970. When it was tried to be placed once again on treatment not in hospital, and in clinic for abortions, he did not want that his opponents had fun: At first ran in a women`s dress, then died in clinic for abortions . Refused to take medicine, tore out from a needle hand from a dropper. And died.

Sergo Ordzhonikidze . It was shot in the office after the next dispute with Stalin. Here too the version that it was the murder organized by Stalin is hardy.

Nadezhda Alliluyeva . Stalin`s wife probably understood with what monster she connected the life.

Yakov Dzhugashvili . Stalin`s son was taken prisoner at the front. Germans at first hoped to exchange it for the general Paulyus. Stalin refused and provocation began to prepare. Germans set on it Poles and other prisoners, hoping that those will kill him, and it will be used in the propaganda purposes. Yakov probably understood it and rushed on a barbed wire. It was alive. Besides the security guard shot at him the burst from the submachine gun.

Adolf Hitler and Eve Brown . 30 committed suicide. 04. 1945 of Hitler started up a bullet in a mouth, Eve got poisoned.

Heinrich Himmler . The Reichsfuhrer-SS was caught by the British military in attempt to cross the Danish border 21. 05. 1945. Committed suicide, having accepted poison.

Hermann Goering . 15. 10. 1945, in two hours prior to hanging accepted poison which stored in a tooth crown. It is cremated in one of the escaped furnaces of Dachau.

Joseph Goebbels . His wife Magda gave a deadly injection to six to children and got poisoned. Then finished life and Goebbels.

Jiang Qing . Mao Jie Dong`s widow. On business gangs of four it was sentenced in 1981 to death, replaced with life imprisonment. Being under house arrest on a country house near Beijing, committed suicide at the age of 77 years. The reason - a throat cancer.

Zviad Gamsakhurdia . Ex-prezidenm Georgia. Did not reconcile to loss of a presidential chair, went to the western regions of Georgia where was considered as the lawful president. After zviadist got beaten, lived in Grozny, under Dudaev`s wing. Unexpectedly for all it was shot.]