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How to learn to love the word is not present

Each of us in life constantly faced and faces constantly numerous refusals in different spheres of our life. Special complexity is made, of course, the corruption which deeply sat down at our country and the become impudent officials. Also this article will be very useful to the beginning businessmen.

I want to offer a technique which will help and to support you in such situations and thanks to which you stannit in a different way to look at such problems and finally with ease to overcome them.

It is called: Learn to love the word is not present .

we Will consider its application, for example in the sphere of business:

I love sounding of this word. It means action for me; something occurs and by all means will occur. Word is not present prolagat a way which, eventually, will lead to the word yes .

Almost all hate the word is not present . Specialists in sales, businessmen, children, inventors in love, sellers - all of them hate this word. And still is as follows: if you do not hear the indisputable fact of business, is not present probably you will not hear and yes . Being engaged in business, means to hear much more the words is not present than yes .

It is necessary to understand that than the quantity " is more; is not present you hear, the it is more than words yes it will surely be distributed later. If, being engaged in sales, you hear one thousand is not present most likely, you will hear one hundred yes and, perhaps, even two or three hundred. But if you did not hear uniform is not present (that is did not even try from - for fear of refusal), will hardly be led up you to hear though a little yes .

Many sales agents avoid to address with offers on purchase personally or to come into contacts by phone because are afraid of the word is not present . And that if the person tells is not present ? - here is how they think. But, when you hear the word is not present you remember what somewhere nearby, directly round the corner is present yes . When you hear the second is not present know that yes it became a little closer. After the third - is even closer. You love the word is not present ; it is a gait of the coming success. Here if you do not hear it, then you have really big troubles and you in a deep hole.

Here to you example: award Xi of Young is awarded every year to the best baseball player, both in professional, and in student`s league. However only the few people understand that the specified award is called by the name of the person who holds a baseball record by the number of defeats. Yes it is about defeats, but not about victories. Xi - Young lost 313 games - more, than any famous player in the history of baseball. Why the award was called in honor of the one who owns a record of number of defeats, you could ask? Unless it would not be more correct to call by her name of the one who won more than all victories? You are right so it and is made. Simply it is the same person.

My friend who sells insurance policies and systematically tries to obtain the best indicators in the company, once told me: I probably hear the word is not present twice more often than my colleagues .

Nobody takes the words " into consideration; is not present also does not count them. Nobody defeats worry. The only thing which plays a role are victories, progress; only they are important. When you feel

next time depressed as someone will tell you is not present remember that these is not present - only the steps conducting you to numerous yes .

I Wish all good luck and I will be very glad if my article helps somebody to achieve great success!]