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You look for favorable options of investment of capital? Bank deposits (deposits).

What is bank deposits (deposits)? It is money which you place on storage in bank for a certain term, and the bank pays you from it certain percent. It is the most widespread type of an investment of money.

If you look for favorable options of investment of capital, then not the last role at the choice is played by the contribution sum. The interest rate depends on it. The more a contribution, the it is higher.

Often banks determine a certain sum which has to be stored constantly on the account. Therefore before opening of the deposit you should analyse the future income and expenses that it was not necessary to take away quickly the put money back. In that case you can suffer undesirable losses. And who wants to lose the money? Of course, to nobody therefore weigh and count still and once again.

To avoid possible risk, you can insure the bank deposit. If, God forbid, there comes insured event, then compensation of 100% of the sum of all deposits in one bank will be paid to you. If this sum does not exceed 100 thousand rubles. If the sum of a contribution exceeded this sum, then 100% from 100 thousand rubles plus 90% from the sum exceeding 100 thousand rubles, but in total no more than 400 thousand rubles will be paid to you.

So, you for yourself solved everything. Now you are faced by the choice what contribution to use.

I will provide short characteristics of some deposits.

Contribution poste restante .

Percent on this contribution small. But you can take away the money or part from them at any time at own will.

Contribution savings .

the Most widespread contribution. You put on it the money and after a certain established period receive the run percent.

Fixed deposit .

After the certain term established by the contract you take away the money and the added percent.

Contribution special .

Specialized deposits are intended for certain categories. For pensioners, the staff of the enterprises, employees of this or that branch.

Contribution settlement .

Is the filled-up contribution. Periodic payment of percent is usually supposed. Also there is an opportunity to use invested funds. But at the same time on the account there has to be constantly a certain sum which makes a reservation in the contract when opening a contribution.

Contribution accumulative .

Is the filled-up contribution. The main objective of a contribution is an accumulation of a certain sum of money for large purchase. Clients are offered to save up a certain part of alleged purchase, and on other part the bank issues the credit.

Contribution multiple currency .

On this contribution part of means can be stored in rubles, and other part in foreign currency, with the corresponding interest rates for each currency. Important aspect: it is necessary to store money in that currency in which you plan them to spend then. Otherwise you can lose on an exchange.

There is a wish to add still that if the interest rate for the bank deposit exceeds discount rate of the Central Bank, then you will be compelled with superfluous to pay a part of profit a tax (35%).

You should not forget also and that the size of the income depends on deposit term. The more term, the is more on it and interest rates.

So choose the most convenient and a contribution, favorable to you. I Wish

good luck!