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What do the Orenburg scarfs differ from all others in? 10 factors.

1. Geography. Legendary Orenburg down products match across all Orenburg region numbering 35 areas and 12 cities. It caused a variety of the Orenburg scarfs: Zheltintsa lilies of the valley do not knit - the knitter from the village Yellow can authoritatively declare to the Orenburg region. Distinctions in patterns, in a subtlety of products, in the used down - not that each area, and each village can have the traditions: zheltinsky scarfs steadily submit exhibitions, and, say, nikitinsky on thickness and an azhurnost by right are considered exception of all pukhovyazalny rules ...

2. Patterns. it would Seem why was in the 18th century to spend time for patterns when knitting in the deaf Russian province? But the Russian Cossacks solved differently and showed to the world the birth of the well-known Orenburg scarf. Since then patterns on scarfs - a trade mark of the Orenburg region. Centuries developed the classical patterns surprising nonresident guests.

3. Subtlety. the Orenburg scarfs differ on a subtlety: is as thick extremely warm products, and it is delightful easy and thin. The openwork scarf received the name " for the amazing subtlety; spider line . Sometimes it is scared to it to touch - it seems, here - here will tear. But that the Orenburg scarfs and spider lines are also nice: these are not so much souvenirs, how many the practical products ready to serve decades for the hostess.

4. Down. does not have Such down anywhere. Neither in Ireland, nor in Tibet, nor in South America. Well-known Orenburg down. Behind it there came foreigners to far Orenburg lands more than a century ago. Goats could not be taken out: both in Europe, and in South America they quickly lost all down properties. There was the unique choice: either to buy down, or to buy finished products. The Orenburg down is rather whimsical and demands careful search. By sight it seems that from such down also similarity of the Orenburg scarf can never turn out. But in skillful Orenburg hands the down unsightly by sight is transformed to an amazing product. Tenderness, a subtlety, ease - not without reason residents of Orenburg consider down of the goats as the best in the world. Now the Orenburg skilled workers use also other types of down (Volgograd and Angora) - in skillful hands and this down is transformed to a true Orenburg product. And still scarfs and spider lines from classical Orenburg down - invariable standards of the superior quality.

5. History. More than two centuries are contained by history of the Orenburg scarf. It is difficult to find the region where pukhovyazalny traditions were so high. Thanks to the Russian Cossacks the scarf found the main properties: ease and subtlety. Due to efforts of knitters of the Tatar areas of the Orenburg region the product rose up to even big heights, finding new outlines. So, it would seem recently, only half a century back, the connected cloves became already obligatory attribute for all handiwork. The Orenburg region, being on a joint of cultures, gave the chance to trade to incorporate knowledge and abilities of the different people.

6. Awards. whether in Russia trade which would bring the international awards to simple countrymen Is? Strangely enough, Orenburg trade is that. 1 - 2 centuries ago the Orenburg products received not only high Russian, but also international awards, as for those times it seemed the outstanding phenomenon.

7. Orenburg Lace Shawl. the Orenburg products - actually only Russian trade which is known to a wide range of knitters abroad. Orenburg Lace Shawl - a scarf try to knit both in Australia, and in the USA, and in many other countries. It is classics. Around the world books on knitting where schemes of knitting of the Orenburg scarf are given meet. And it is sometimes absolutely surprising to see where - nibud in Melbourne the connected scarf with a painfully familiar pattern. The glory of the Orenburg scarf was huge in imperial times. What to tell if in England let out scarfs with a mark Imitation under Orenburg ...

8. Popularity in Russia. the Orenburg scarf - the only product of the Russian crafts mentioned in the song which became widely known. Of course, to write verses to the song their author, Victor Bokov, could only in Orenburg and only after purchase of the real Orenburg scarf. And still Orenburg scarfs delight: Valeria compares them to the best brands of clothes, Fergie squeals from delight, even Dima Bilan with pleasure irons legendary products. The senior generation appreciates heat, young is surprised that old Soviet the brand is amazingly beautiful and fashionable.

9. Factory products. Rare trade reaches factory level. It is a class sign. More than 70 years the Orenburg factory works on knitting of down products. Their products with pleasure buy as in Orenburg, and is far beyond its limits. So, the Internet - shop of the Orenburg down products Palantin. ru, strangely enough, began the activity with manufacturing. And only not so long ago the largest Orenburg Internet - the shop began to offer Russians the real handwork. Factory products are bought by both celebrities, and administration of Orenburg for gifts to distinguished guests.

10. Fakes. Strangely enough, it is only the next proof of popularity and the highest class. On bad unknown goods of a fake it is senseless to do. Therefore existence of fakes even does credit to the Orenburg trade. Such products are on sale across all Russia and is even far beyond its limits. Well as can be real Orenburg scarf the product for 20 dollars sold in the USA already with a margin for transport transportation, a customs clearance, overhead costs, taxes and profit of the intermediary? And nevertheless even to us time the letter came from the Netherlands in which it was said that in the USA to buy the Orenburg scarfs cheaper, than in Orenburg. The most sad that exactly there foreigners were also going to be bought. The glory of the Orenburg scarf will quickly evaporate with such approach Of course, there is always an opportunity to buy the real products - it is possible to arrive to Orenburg or, say, to buy through Palantin. ru, or, perhaps, to find shop with original production. And still: fakes - a class indicator. Fakes can be on Rolex, Parker and Orenburg Lace Shawl! On bad goods of fakes does not happen.]