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Whether it is possible to grow up oranges at home?

All people love oranges, isn`t it? Orange is very tasty and useful fruit which is loved by both adults and children. But here question: whether it is possible to grow up them at itself in the apartment? The answer - yes, but it not so that and simply. Below I will tell how to grow up oranges in house conditions.

In room conditions grow up many types of fruit, among a citrus is an orange, tangerine, grapefruit, a lemon. It is necessary to tell at once that often attempts to grow up at home the fructifying tree of a citrus very quickly come to an end when the evergreen trees which shot up more than a meter in height do not bear fruits. Though at cold wintering (5 - 8 C) a citrus can blossom and fructify in 2-3 years. In room conditions of a plant will fructify only if they are imparted. For some will give pleasure to grow up a tree from a stone and it will not be important to fructify or not.

If you decided to grow up orange, then know that behind this plant special leaving is necessary.

Main not to forget that oranges are exacting to light and heat. Butonization, blossoming and infructescence best of all happen at average air temperature and soils + 15 - 18 C.

is necessary to Orange a bright diffused light. It will be good about east and western window. Application from the direct sun is necessary in the spring and in the summer in the hottest hours.

is recommended to contain oranges in the light cold room in the Winter (to 12 C). Lack of cold wintering can lead to what the plant does not zaplodonosit.

in the Summer and in the spring orange should be watered plentifully 1 - 2 time a day with warm water, in the winter watering rare and moderate - 1 - 2 time a week and too warm water. However and it is impossible to allow in the winter redrying of an earth lump as it leads to twisting of leaves and subsidence not only leaves, but also fruits. On the other hand, it is worth to remember that from excess of moisture of a plant perish. Since October watering is reduced.

should not be forgotten also about orange fertilizer. In the first half of summer apply udobritelny watering. It increases sugar content of fruits and reduces bitterish smack which svoystven to fruits of a citrus at room culture. The plant of subjects needs fertilizer more, than it is more senior and than longer is in one ware. Fertilizers bring after watering by water. At additional artificial illumination of oranges in the winter they need also to be fertilized. For oranges recommend organic fertilizers (swill from cow manure) and the combined mineral fertilizers, in flower shops it is also possible to buy special fertilizers for a citrus.

If to implement all recommendations and is good to look after the plant, then I am sure that at you everything will turn out and orange will please you with the fruits!]