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For what to a cat moustaches?

Many consider that moustaches carry out function of the probe by means of which the cat learns whether pass into which she intends to get is rather broad - but actually everything is much more difficult and more surprising.

Except obvious function sensitive to a touch " probes; moustaches of a cat carry out also a role of detectors of the direction of streams of air. When the cat moves in the dark, she has to maneuver so that not to concern the possible objects which are on her way. Each strong object which the animal approaches slightly changes the direction of air streams and is the reason of almost inaudible turbulences of air, and cat`s short moustaches possess so high sensitivity that allow to read out this information and, thus, to find objects, even without touching them.

Moustaches are especially necessary to a cat, more true even, are vital when she hunts in the dark. About it it is possible to judge by the following supervision: the cat whose moustaches are in perfect tune can hunt equally successfully as in the dark, and when lighting. The cat with the injured moustaches can hunt only in the lit space, in the dark she can be mistaken and precisely not put the deadly a sting in the necessary point on a body of the victim. It means that in the dark when the cat cannot be guided absolutely unmistakably by means of sight, short moustaches carry out function high-precision systems of aiming . Thanks to it the cat possesses amazing ability to verify position of the unfortunate victim during a fraction of a second and to put an exact sting in a nape. Tips of moustaches read out detailed information on a shape of a body of the victim - approximately as the blind person reads according to Braille`s alphabet - and, having instantly processed it, the cat takes faultless actions.

In pictures of the cats transferring just got mouse in teeth is visible that moustaches of a predator practically twist a body of a rodent, continuing to read out and to transfer information on the slightest movement, possible in case the victim turns out still live. As the cat is mainly night hunter, moustaches are vital her for a survival.

Anatomic the cat`s mustache represents much the increased and strengthened hair, but is thicker than usual hairs more, than twice. Short moustaches grow from an upper lip of a cat, as well as usual hairs, but, unlike them, go to fabrics three times deeper and have an extensive network of the nervous terminations for information transfer about the slightest fluctuations of air. Short moustaches settle down on a muzzle of a cat four horizontal rows on twelve pieces on both sides of a nose - thus, all them usually twenty four. They can go forward when something interests a cat, or back when she tries to be protected or just to avoid contact with object. The top number of short moustaches can move irrespective of two lower, formed by thicker hairs.

Technically short moustaches can be referred to category vibriss, located and in some other places on a body of a cat - on cheeks, a chin, over eyes and as it will seem strange, on back part of forepaws. All of them are highly sensitive detectors of the movement, but are most important for a cat and therefore those vibrissa which are the business card of an animal - of course, moustaches are especially long. And all of us perfectly understand what means when the concept " is mentioned; cat`s moustaches .

Good luck to you, my dear readers!