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Why the extract in kitchen is necessary?

the Main objective of a kitchen extract - to catch and delete evaporations. To delete, but not to filter the smells arising when cooking, to update and refresh air, both in the kitchen, and on all apartment. The door in kitchen is not without reason recommended at the time of work of an extract to hold open: all dwelling has to be aired, and the extract feasibly allows to do it.

When cooking, in particular on the gas stove, various products of burning which not in the best way influence health of the person and his apartment are allocated. In the absence of a kitchen extract fat dust and a soot settle on a ceiling, walls that demands frequent repair and additional expenses, and also on a facade of kitchen furniture, reducing the term of its service. Existence of a good extract is a sufficient condition for freshness and purity in kitchen.

The main detail of any extract - the motor, and the main indicator of operation of the motor - its productivity. Productivity is the volume of air allotted through an extract for a unit of time. Let`s take, for example, the average area of modern Russian cuisine of 9 - 12 sq.m with a height of ceilings of 2,7 m. The volume of such kitchen is equal to from 24,3 to 32,4 CBM. According to the Russian sanitary standards, air in kitchen has to be replaced at least 10 times in 1 hour. Means, productivity of the motor of a kitchen extract has to make at least 324 CBM/hour. The floor on which you live the air duct length, impurity of an air duct, summer difference of temperatures, intensity of cooking, productivity stock on a case of the smoking guests in kitchen are factors which should be considered at selection of an extract for productivity. As a rule, the indicator of minimum possible productivity should be multiplied by two, so, the optimum productivity of an extract should not be lower than 600 CBM/hour.

The power is higher, the noisiness is higher - it is that problem which all producers of kitchen extracts try to solve. And it is quite successful. As a result of long and careful tests many modern extracts have the motors aimed at achievement of the maximum productivity and the minimum noisiness. They are supplied with the special anti-vibration laying separating the motor from the case and belong to the category of quiet extracts.

Efficiency and durability of a kitchen extract in many respects depends on its zhiroulavlivayushchy filter. On many models of extracts reusable removable multilayered aluminum, zhiroulavlivayushchy filters are installed. Such filter without any risk can be washed in hot water with soap. It is enough to be done only once in a month.

Despite all technical complexity of an extract, its use it is easy and convenient. With it you will be helped by specially developed switches and the timer which supplied many extracts. Having finished cooking, it is possible to turn on the timer and to leave kitchen. The extract is switched off itself thanks to the timer, having completely cleared residual evaporations and air in kitchen.

Thanks to a variety of models, forms, the sizes and flowers the extract will decorate any kitchen from classical to the most modern design.