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Why men sometimes do not notice things at themselves near by?

- Tanya, you hid from me sour cream again: it is not in the refrigerator. to

- It there - I delivered it there ten minutes ago. there is no

- probably, you put it somewhere still. There is no sour cream in the refrigerator.

The husband perplexed faces an open door of the refrigerator in search of a product necessary to it. I give a hand and as if I the conjurer, get to bank with sour cream.

After a while from the room the voice of the husband gathering for work reaches:

- Tan, where my socks?

- In a case, on the lower shelf.

- And a shirt and a sweater?. Again hid my things. I can find nothing.

Ask the husband to dress I the child on walk, to search of things there will be no end. Easier sometimes to make it most. And why he sees nothing? How it is possible not to notice when lies near by? How not to find a thing in the specified place? - women quite often ask similar questions. Some are angry and quarrel, others patiently hurry to the aid.

Bring together me, expensive, in a bath - the husband because he does not know where what to take and where what lies asks. But the wife for several seconds will put in a thing package, apartments which are in different corners.

Socks, shoes, underwear, hours, oil, car keys - they cannot be found in own house. The man feels times so as if joked of him, accusing the woman that she hides from him things in a case, a dresser, the refrigerator eternally. Why the man cannot see them there?

It is connected, first of all, with biological features of sight of the man. Men in comparison with women have smaller peripheral sight. The brain of the man provides to it tunnel vision, i.e. ability to see accurate and clear before itself, but on more long distance. The woman can see sector at least in 45 degrees from each side of the head, i.e. to the right - to the left, up and down. Effective peripheral sight of many women reaches 180 degrees. Therefore men often exclaim: Yes it has eyes on a nape! .

Possessing big sector of the review, the woman can capture a look the most part of space (for example, the refrigerator), without having moved at the same time with the head. The man drives the head to the right - to the left and up - down, as if scanning space searching disappeared object.

The man as the hunter needs to catch an eye the purpose and not to let out it from a field of vision therefore his look is focused in any one direction, and, like the field-glass, at quite long distance. His sight evolved before almost limited vision as nothing had to distract it from the purpose. That is why the man with ease will find the shop located somewhere there than a thing in a case.

Ah, these contentions with men apropos about in the house! Only one nuance from women: each thing - the place (at least concerning its things). And men should not look for them. The woman as the keeper of a home had to possess big sector of the review to watch a nest. And it will not make special work to find a subject, be it on other shelf or mixed up with others.

As sight of men is adapted for watching afar in a narrow field and has to be refocused constantly on the computer screen or the newspaper text, fatigue of eyes at them is much higher. The woman`s eyes, on the contrary, allow it to work longer with fine details, it is better to pass a thread in a needle as are suitable for the review close, but in a wide field.