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Who are you, Mikhail Mikhaylovich? Loony? No, Master! (several lines about M. M. Shemyakin)

Shemyakin is ingenious, whimsical, efficient to a neveroyatiya, and is hysterical. It is generous. Skandalen. It is noble and full of an intrigue. The most absolute master, master of the European class

my information about Mikhail Shemyakin was not extensive: somewhere, something, somehow. But when I walked on the websites, I was literally dumbfounded: from a non-existence - to the world glory!

Mikhail Shemyakin is equipped near the town of Shatora (in 260 kilometers from Paris). He explains the moving from the USA with large volume of work in Russia and in Eastern Europe. I constantly should be there, and on three times a month to fly across the ocean and it is back complicated. It is necessary to save time.

The territory of the former boarding school (about five thousand square meters) - for workshops and Institute of philosophy and psychology of creativity. There will come students from the different countries here. In the second residence of the Master in France - in the royal castle in the town of Losh - program expositions, musical concerts will be arranged.

In the left Klaverake (about New - York) there will be an art center, park of sculptures, school of a new landscape.

Mikhail Shemyakin founder of the new movement: metaphysical sintetizm his idea - cultures of the different people does not exist, culture one on all, it is only necessary to find its general, deep bases.

Searching bases of life and culture Shemyakin studied cultural images of various nationalities and did sketches which can quite make the whole museum general world culture .

In the West the new current gained development, was expressed in huge layer of culturological researches of Shemyakin and brought to it fan academic and doctor`s degrees: The San university - Frantsisko (USA), Academy of arts of Europe (France), New - York academy of Sciences.

It was recognized also in Russia: State award Russian Federation of 1993, Presidential award of 1997 and award Petropol 2001.

Range of its interests is vast.

Mikhail Shemyakin and the expert in the field of information technologies Pavel Sorokoletov work on the unusual project. In their opinion, this work has to become electronic kernel modern computer knowledge bases.

Now I work on statement of the opera King Lear Sergey Mikhaylovich Slonimsky for the Samara opera and ballet theater. I act in quality of both the director, and the set designer.

The other day there was Alexander Petryakov`s book Master`s World behind the looking-glass - it is my biography. On September 6 in Moscow the presentation of an album " will take place; Shemyakin and St. Petersburg released by " publishing house; Vita Nova . And in the same publishing house at the end of present or at the beginning of next year there has to be my long work - 43 illustrations to Vysotsky`s works and my memories of it. (from M. Shemyakin Yuriyu Kovalenko`s interview on July 18, 2007)

Sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin and Soyuzmultfilm began collaboration over the doll movie based on Hoffman`s fairy tales.

Doll images of the animated film, according to Mikhail Shemyakin, have to be combined with those that are already created by it for Nutcracker (it is already put at the Maryinsky Theater). For the artist important that his images and creations were recognized in any kind - M. Shemyakin emphasized. Besides, the subject of fairy tales of Hoffman will be continued in collaboration with Lomonosov Porcelain Factory: there the tea service on 15 persons will be created.

M. Shemyakin intends to create in Kaliningrad, in the homeland of Hoffman, sculptural composition where Hoffman will sit in an environment of the fairy tale characters.

(Are in quotes cited the different sources concerning life and M. M. Shemyakin`s work.)

Mikhail Shemyakin was born on May 4, 1943, spent the childhood in Kaliningrad. Lived in Leningrad, worked as the restorer in the Hermitage (after expel from school at Academy of arts for esthetic depravity classmates). Houses Shemyakin drew still lifes from meat hulks (there were both boozes, and dances around these hulks).

Today Shemyakin - a live legend: hundreds of exhibitions, the honourable doctor of five universities, yesterday - the semi-poisoned loony. Today Shemyakin is presented in the museums of the whole world including in Tretyakov gallery, yesterday it closed windows of the Parisian dwelling a cardboard: not to freeze as if.

It was written down in dissidents though Mikhail Mikhaylovich never considered himself as that. Just wrote that wanted.

In a mental hospital on it tested new preparations. His neighbor in chamber, the former boatswain, began to tell him about his antecedents. But suddenly burned, having recognized in the artist of the Roman legionary, and broke to him a jaw. If not mother who pulled out me from a madhouse just would make a plant of me.

After that Shemyakin could not draw any more, from horror attacks constantly threw into sweat. If the dog was stung by a snake, she goes to the wood and does not come back or comes healthy, but squeezed out. Here I also decided to go to the Caucasus, to mountains . Lived in a cave, slept on a stone floor. Beat off the snakes creeping on it at night at night to get warm.

Through some time felt that all chemistry with which it was stuffed at last was etched, but attacks of bodily fear proceeded. Now it needed continuous presence of people, with it in a workshop there were mother and the sister all the time. The artist rolled up the head a towel that cold sweat did not fill in a face, and forced itself to draw again.

In 71 - m to year of Mikhail Mikhaylovich all is arrested and offered: choose - a mental hospital, prison or departure from the country forever.

Shemyakin left Russia. In the documentary he tells: it was given with themselves 50 dollars and did not allow to take anything any more. When it departed to France, it was dressed in a soldier`s short fur coat, trousers, boots. On cheeks tears flew, and the dog - only who was allowed to take away sat next.

The first night in Paris passed in garage, on dirty mattresses. Then there was a thrown billiards club without light, gas and hot water, with rotten floors.

Today the Master - the participant of a set of projects, wait for him everywhere and everywhere clap to him. The incalculable number of its works is put in Russia, wait for it with new projects (not only sculptural).

I found in the Network Shemyakin`s composition Children - the victims of defects of adults . The imagination of the artist is amazing! He added modern to bible defects: War Poverty Work of children Sadism Drug addiction Prostitution .

Poor children! To sustain such impact - how many it is necessary sincere and physical forces for this purpose! And not only their forces - parental too!

Visions - are stronger than the verbal description. Speak, Chinese have a proverb: A picture is worth a thousand words . So this sculptural group and works! Presentation of defects, their frightening face - everything calls for that parents protected children from all this nasty thing.

Addressing the audience, M. M. Shemyakin writes: I as the artist, this work I urge to look around, to hear and behold those sorrows and horrors which are tested by children today.

Breadth of views and interests, unusual approach to the theory and history of art, professionalism - base of today`s popularity and recognition of the Master.]