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Why people drink and smoke?

U us, in our country were not known any case that the child was born in maternity hospital with a bottle in hands, or with a port bottle an armpit. Well, in one maternity hospital of it it is not recorded! All children are born ideal nondrinkers. As so turns out that here he - was born the heavenly angel, and in 15 - 20 years grew from it the uncle, or the aunt which already both smokes and drinks and still god knows what is engaged, than to be engaged - that absolutely and it is not necessary. Here is how it occurs!? Let`s look the child Was born

. At the time of the birth the child of any conditioned reflex, socially - has no psychological program. Only unconditioned reflexes. Namely: to shout, suck, breathe, move. But from first minutes of life the child all sense organs greedy absorbs world around and this world forms its relation to this world: here those socially - psychological programs. And if to our children nobody, ever in life about alcohol, tobacco told anything and showed, they at us to 150 would live years, so all healthy also died. But in that is continually that will tell and will show . Both will tell and will show very much and very quickly.

Here to the child half a year, the first anniversary, and the father mother are glad to the teeth, guests are brought together, bottles on a table, drink, songs sing, dance, and he sits in a carriage, he is not able to go, he is not able to speak, but he perfectly understands everything. He understands that songs sing and dance from these beautiful bottles on a table. It is that he understands. Well, every day the father with mother do not sing, do not dance, and here on the third glass filled in and it began! Eh (he thinks) as I that am not able to go - I would be a glass - another put - too would dance!.

Interesting information of rather beautiful bottles on a table went at it to subconsciousness.

Further - more The neighbor, the uncle Kolya came to the father: leg on a leg, cigarettes in teeth, a smoke in a ceiling, sit, carry on clever conversation. The child does not understand what speak about, but understands that clever. Probably (he thinks) that they therefore also clever that the smoke is sucked. I will grow up - I will suck a smoke too. Information went to subconsciousness

A somewhere about years life of our children interferes one of the most terrible evils of the present is a TV. I will not say to you what in general our children see on the TV - it is you and without me you know. I to you will analyse only 3 - 4 most popular nurseries of the animated film. Here animated cartoons - that to what teach our children? At what, not the American, but our, domestic animated cartoons!

Well, the very first animated film children`s is Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka huh? If you in the big city of the child reduce in a zoo, and will show a crocodile, nothing, except loathing with normal mentality the crocodile should not cause in the child. The child can admire a little squirrel, a kitty, but not a crocodile!? Here it lies a log - 2 meters, with here such teeth! Yes he will gobble up the person, will stay without turning a hair! But nothing costed to this disgusting crocodile only - to thrust into a mouth a tubule with tobacco and he became such kind, such lovely crocodile of Gena at once. But the child - that does not understand it More true he understands: that, in a zoo does not smoke, he bad, and smokes this: this - good. Information went to subconsciousness

Series Wait a moment! And the Wolf - he is an attractive hero, especially to our boys: it is his daring, courage. Pay attention - throughout all series the Wolf from teeth does not pull out a cigarette. Why it?.

To Troy from Prostokvashino - state award The uncle Fyodor is 6 years old, remember, with a cat, a dog to the village left to live. Long thought to give it a cigarette a smack in the teeth, or not to give? Decided not to give. But pay attention: the uncle Fyodor has angry mother, mother does not smoke, and the father kind and the father - that at him smokes Why it

About alcohol - please: I watch the animated film about the epic hero of Buslayev. Buslayev gathers a team of enemies to be at war. Well who was taken in a team earlier? Took people in a team strong, dexterous, courageous, those who can handle the weapon? To Dan, that you, what nonsense Everything is shown in the movie to children: Buslayev rolls out a barrel with vodka and a basin scoops. Drink, the basin of vodka drank - in a team, did not drink - pshyol. That is it to itself(himself) - that took alcoholics in a team. But children - that too everything for a pure coin perceive it.

And in 3 years for the first time our baby in the next feast got out from - under a table and too reached for a glass, and to it on a hand tsyts, is small still! Here you will grow up then you will and drink and smoke. Eh, he thinks: again blundered, but nothing, one or two years now, yes as I will grow up and as I will wash down, I will light - I will become the adult, independent person.

At the child the most powerful installation goes to subconsciousness that without alcohol, tobacco, life - not life that it is a sign of a maturity, full value and it begins aspires to it. for the first time all drunk on corners crept away with

A in 5 years, it this glass from a table took - glug there, and it crack, all back - but same poison and that you will do. It lifted this stub, dragged on, and instead of pleasure, happiness, at it both cough and tears and vomiting and that you will do: the father with mother suck - it get a think hide, fill in also nothing, and he unless not such? And the child begins to be perplexed and begins to break in himself protective biological barriers against these poisons. Breaks, breaks, breaks and already the hero - he already sucks a cigarette, does not tear him, takes alcohol - does not feel sick him, and then he is taken prisoner to these drugs.

Both alcohol and tobacco is drugs and drugs terrible, they take prisoner soul, a body and torment, and in the blossoming of forces can drive into a grave of the person! Well take the same Vysotsky: in 42 years the talented person Drove it into a grave. Here such picture was painted by G. A. Shichko. You will tell: the picture is very simple and primitive.

And why it is impossible-? It is possible for mother with the father, to him - that why is impossible!?

And so, dear fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, I want to assure you that these three, six-year-old children with here such, already written down in subconsciousness programs as soon as at them to appear the first real opportunity to replace size with the real bottles as soon as they to learn to light up this narcotic smelly stick, with a poisonous tobacco smoke, they at you will begin to drink, will begin to smoke and they will sweep at you there where, probably any mother with the father do not want that their children swept.

on materials of lectures of professor of Zhdanov V. G.]