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How to approach perfection of

People prefer to do business and to communicate with those who are pleasant to them, than to deal with people to whom at them the soul does not lie. It is so obvious that, apparently, hardly needs a statement on paper, and all - very many of us, entering the relations with business partners, clients and other people just do not pay attention to this party of communication

to be pleasant to you it or not, but the one whom you are acts in relation to your success in quality of either an asset, or a hindrance.

In view of, told above, unless does not make sense to develop the identity, turning it into something pleasant and attractive to other people? However, here at me already directly - din protest cries in the ears: I such is what is ; People have the right either to accept me, or not to accept ; I cannot change ; I am not going to become that whom I am not .

What nonsense! Easier on turns and open eyes more widely. Why not to make some changes to itself? Your identity is not given, and created. You can change any its party which not to be pleasant to you.

Ya I offer you Benjamin Franklin`s method. Franklin was a founder of the American confederation, was a person of brilliant mind. None of those who at least once happened to come to it into contact doubted it. However he felt that his identity can be developed further away.

Franklin made the list of twelve qualities which wished to possess. Having carried out careful introspection, he understood that it needs to develop in itself. Understanding

that it cannot get all of them at once, he chose on one in a week and concentrated on that within the specified week to live according to this quality. Next week Franklin passed to the second quality and so on, did not practice in all twelve yet. After that it began all over again. As a result in a year it managed to pass the specified cycle four times. This practice turned out so successful that his friends and partners were struck with the happened changes.

Benjamin Franklin could become one of the most influential people of the time. The creative inventor and the brilliant statesman, it used among contemporaries, including those who were equal to it by situation, huge respect and caused in them admiration.

Recent research showed that 10 desirablest qualities are as follows: Sense of humour; Sincerity; Honesty; Openness and susceptibility; Positive mental set; Compassion; Patience; Ability to listen; Self-confidence and Politeness. with How many of the above-stated qualities you possess

? The understanding that a problem at all not in what qualities we in ourselves find today has to encourage and inspire everyone; the decision whom we want to become is much more important, and then - transformation into this person.

be not afraid to change changes it is a part of the life. I wish all success in all undertakings when do not give up and strive for perfection!]