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Why to smoke not progressively?

1. Health . The fact that it is unhealthy - me is absolutely uninteresting in this article. Autoaggression autoaggression. Was tired to work - die that you will do. Classical Buddhism: bothered to protect a Dharma - forward, in the following birth! - can, there you will catch up and you self-actualize.

Well, dies of tobacco more, than of HIV. 5 million a year. Well and? Dies of hunger and wars more.

I would like to specify one more moment connected with concept of health - health has a priority over trade - explained usually as higher priority of human life in comparison with commercial interests . So point 1 contacts point 2.

2. The smoker supports material interests producers and sellers of tobacco. Producers - corporations. The seller - the state.

The smoker supports the state. What weakens the ability to work (smokers do not work continuously, so?) what is attached to the next stall by an invisible chain (it is one of ways which is used by the state for total control over citizens), that it is forced to pay for cigarettes money.

We will return to someone else`s money. For the present nobody cancelled taxes. You know what the state spends money for? On militarization . On anything, except rational changes. Ah, as it reflects human nature!

You watch that Glazyev about the budget of 2007 writes: On structure of expenses in the draft of the federal budget the present Russian State can be characterized as typical politseysko - the dependent state of a sample of the end of a century before last bureaucratic kolonialno. Judging by structure of the federal budget, its main goals are deduction of a dominant position of the present dominating elite and export of the capital abroad. The archaic budgetary policy pursued by the federal government does not conform to either requirements of the modern state, or interests socially - economic development of the country, it contradicts the constitutional principles of the social and democratic state ...

In principle it is difficult to specify the exact percent of the budget going on military industrial complex. Because it is necessary to add expenses on nuclear power and money for the solution of all social problems arising just because of existence of military industrial complex to target means about which it is told directly.

And what whether many money brings directly smoking - in treasury? These are 95% of cost of each pack of cheap " cigarettes; Prima and 14% - from a pack with the filter (tsiferka from 01. 01. 2007). Is as follows: from producers of cheap cigarettes you will not take the politician in this area much therefore they have to be destroyed. It is clear, that sale of more expensive cigarettes and growth of these sales - for the state are economic.

How many specifically the smoker spends? It is counted independently. For readers who it is not aware, how much is a pack: 20 cigarettes a day are about 30 rubles. re in a year is 12 000, besides, only target expenses. Smokers have a lot more hidden expenses generally connected with dependence sotsposledstviye. From car accidents into which they get more often, and diseases - satellites before permanent acquisition " fire; or expensive attributes.

And you know how many now let out in general cigarettes? About 1000 pieces a year on one inhabitant of the planet. What for?

3. The smoking person is unreliable as he is subject to emotional fluctuations, for example, to affect of baseless scare. Painful deficiency of will precedes logical deficiency of trust. To cooperate difficult successfully with the person who does not distinguish the desire from the behavior models imposed from the outside.

Not for nothing the addiktion is treated as an illness and treated by the doctor, no more no less - the addiction psychiatrist.

4. The smoker, as spoke father of yoga the wise man Patandzhali, is not capable to a pranayama (perfect breath), so, to an enlightenment (millions of years people took a steam bath, getting this enlightenment; now it is necessary to operate with concept of usefulness of occupation by yoga for increase of own working capacity; but what noticeable indicator: wants to make more for society - by all means goes to yoga).

The smoker hardly understands (if at all understands) progressive thoughts. Just because the regular use of any psychoasset - oslaboumlivat. Alas.

5. The smoker violates the rights of other living beings. It poisons them literally this word. Children and grandsons of the smoking mothers have all diseases of smokers (and why would be not present, it is so logical: passive smoking is more hazardous to health).

The word " is very frequent; rights smokers when they are asked to stop smoking use. But the rights of the smoker and any other being come to an end where there passes the border of freedom of the neighbor. Respecting freedom do not smoke.

6. On production of cigarettes, resources of the planet and life of people are spent for tobacco cultivation (and all this to mankind is not vital) by , and people of Third World countries, is more often than women and children. For producers of tobacco of the Third World country are both a location of productions, and the main sales market of any sewer culture, including tobacco.

All the time it seems to us that in Africa such hungry black kids with sore stomachs sit and starve. You will be surprised, but the problems connected with smoking outstripped the problems connected with infectious diseases in Third World countries long ago - and not because that the epidemic situation improved. In many developing countries - from Jamaica to Ghana - families in which only one person smokes spend for cigarettes for him more, than for treatment of all house. Third World countries in spend 66 billion dollars a year for the problems connected with smoking (as well as in many other parts of this article, it is aged statistics Ann Plett Mak is the Genie 1997, but from it statistics not less impressive). Smoking - maintenance of operation of the poorest residents of Third World countries.

7. Not environmental friendliness smoking. Production of tobacco is connected with exhaustion of fertile soils (see point 9) and deforestation. On average on processing of one kilogram of tobacco from 4 to 13 kg of a tree leave. In Tanzania in 1989 12% of all cut-down trees were burned for tobacco drying. Therefore the smoking ecologists are not.

8. The collector of tobacco - one of the most low-paid and heavy professions on the earth. Collectors of tobacco are women and children in Third World countries. The industry of production of tobacco - system of operation working for her.

9. Problem of hunger . The hunger problem on the earth is connected with production of tobacco. Not only from - for what delays on itself enormous resources of mankind, but also because smoking in general lowers the capacity of society, displaces priorities. I consider as the main reason for the fact that smoking in public places by 2009 will be forbidden in all in Europe - and nothing is more humane than Europe in all spheres of public life on the planet so far does not exist.

You think, tobacco - an unpretentious plant? It so, tobacco grows on any soil. But also put it on any earth, including on that which can be used for food crops. (1997: growth of the tobacco industry of Zimbabwe focused on export took away under tobacco landings 3% of arable lands of the country, 72 000 hectares. At this Zimbabwe still depends on the international deliveries of free food. Tobacco occupies about 0,3% of acreage of the world. If to transfer them under food crops, these lands would feed up to 17,5 million people)

10. The smoker supports corporations. Tobacco - an enemy charm (conservatives). Producers of tobacco and repressive political regimes support each other. It is, for example, PHILIP MORRIS, the world`s largest producer of tobacco products (Benson &Hedges, Marlboro, Virginia Slims).

There is such still moment: as well as all other large corporations, tobacco destroy small producers tobacco, the difference is in this case only in a world rate of exploitation - clearly that a private trader - the producer of a psychoasset in total does less harm. But on it distinctions come to an end, this harmful production. The smoking antiglobalists are not.

11. Tobacco is tested for animals . Rats, rabbits and dogs choke in smoky chambers, spend the last days of life with the tubes sewn to a trachea on which the smoke is forced - that then vivisectors could study the painful changes caused by smoking. It is necessary to understand that tests do not stop - though their low reliability is obvious. While there is a tobacco branch - tests will proceed. The smoking vegans are not.

12. Culture. Proceeding from all above to smoke it is lacking culture . Indecently. Unmodernly. If you read and did not understand why - I express condolences to you. In that case it would be desirable to believe that you will still be given an opportunity to live and think. If still is, than. And I - I do not smoke, I have no need.]