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Who such vegans?

However, that the person is a king of animals, but he surpasses by the cruelty them. We live due to death of others. We are just walking cemeteries. Since the early childhood I refused the use of meat. Time when the person looks at murder of an animal will come the same as now looks at murder of the person.

In general, term vegetarianism presently very much depreciated. From vegetarianism the ethical component disappeared, so began to call people who adhere to various bezmyasny diets. However, now many concepts are transformed. Values of such words as the fascist, the anti-fascist, the patriot, the democrat, " are ambiguously perceived; left anarchist...

The vegan is the person who thought of ethics.

Of course, there are people selfish for which above all - own health. And, except them, there are vegans who understand that it is impossible to kill (the principle of an akhimsa), there are vegans - geopolitics (they are interested in the solution of problems of hunger on the earth), vegans - ecologists (animal husbandry - one of the main reasons for greenhouse effect), zoodefenders (they oppose a speysizm - discrimination behind specific signs), vegans - esthetics. There are also vegans for religious reasons: for example, in India 4 million Jains.

I passed to veganism year. At first refused the elementary - from milk, eggs, other animal components in products (gelatin, margarine, lecithin)... Then feather pillows and woolen blankets left to friends, and I bought new - sinteponovy. Clothes and footwear from skin and fur went after pillows. Searches of ethical toothpaste, laundry detergent, liquid for washing of ware and soap also took some time.

From vegetarianism to veganism I went long - 8 years. Sincerely considered that vegans are mad people. However so it developed that some events of life - supervision over escalation of violence and a negative in hippie - subculture - forced me to concern more rigidly to themselves and to undertake improvement of the world by a nonconventional way - having improved itself.

But the best way of belief - a personal example. The general life in ecocamps and communes... Those who live near vegans and strive for knowledge quickly understand a problem essence.

In the developed countries - in Sweden, Australia, England, America - there are a lot of communities of vegans. The biggest association of Whigs effectively works at the former Soviet Union in the sphere of a zooz. These are the people concentrated around VITY - the center of protection of the rights of animals.

It seems to me that a uniform way to change the world - consistent personal policy, daily modest revolution in life. Aspiration to answer the ideals. These are, of course, such general words, but I think over them constantly in recent years.

More it is possible to learn about veganism, having visited the central resources of the Russian Whigs:

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