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What is Food instead of bombs ?

of the State spend millions, preparing for imaginary war, declaring it as protection of citizens . And at this time ordinary people are deprived of the most necessary for life. According to official figures Goskomstat more than a third of the population of Russia lives below the poverty line, nearly 53 million people have the income below a living wage.

Initiative Food instead of bombs (Food not bombs, FNB) is the protest against militarism and poverty expressed in free distribution of vegansky food by the person in need. (Vegans are people whose way of life excludes use of animals; thus, vegansky food - consisting only of vegetable components.)

On May 24, 1980 in Boston (USA) after attempt of occupation of nuclear power plant Seabrook in New - Hampshire, the group of volunteers arranged feeding with soup of the homeless before meeting of shareholders of the First National bank of Boston financing construction of nuclear power plant and munitions factories. Organizers of an action wanted to show that the lot of money is thrown out on the mad military purposes while many people are deprived of a shelter and food nearby. So they, in - the first, showed that they a huge number hungry and homeless, and in - the second, gave in society to them concrete help.

Keith Makgenri who is considered as the founder FNB took the name from the slogan with which pacifists painted walls of Massachusetts Institute of Technology: It is More than money for food, any money for bombs! (More money for food, no money for bombs!)

Food Not Bombs - one of the most revolutionary and active movements today. Food instead of bombs - these are hundreds of autonomous groups distributing free vegetarian food to hungry and poor people, also it a protest to war and poverty, everywhere from America to Europe, from Asia to Australia .

Food instead of bombs works in the coalition with such groups as Earth First! The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Anarchist Black Cross IWW Homes Not Jails Anti Racist Action In Defense of Animals Free Radio Movement and with other organizations.

Food instead of bombs - it is the international campaign, anarchical though not all anarchists participate in this action, and from those who participate, not all consider themselves as anarchists. Generally, this initiative of the British anarchists which was supported by companions from Moscow, St. Petersburg...

Basic principles of the movement: independence, voluntariness, free of charge, anti-authoritativeness, anti-hierarchy, non-violence (veganism), use superfluous food (now 25% of the made products just are thrown out).

Food Not Bombs is a victory of the poor over the rich and their government. On leaflets fudnotbomber write:

Organize the Food Not Bombs groups! Act!

Because FOOD is the RIGHT, but not the privilege!

Because in the world is enough food for all!

Because DEFICIENCY is a LIE!

Because POVERTY is a form of VIOLENCE!

Because capitalism does food by an income source, but not food!

Because is necessary for us COMMUNITY, but not CONTROL!

NWF group is in many cities of Russia. In Moscow anyway hundreds of people are connected with an initiative. There is several Russian-speaking NWF - the websites. To join the movement, having created the group, any person can.]