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What is squatting?

In the XVIII-XIX centuries on North - the West of the United States and in Australia squatters called farmers who occupied the free and raw grounds. Later the skvotterstvo revived at the end of 60 - x years of the XX century in Europe and North America.

Squatting happens two types - spontaneous and ideological. Spontaneous it is made by persons who not only do not carry themselves to squatters, but even words of it do not know. These are most often people who really need a roof over the head, - refugees, fire victims, bums. Here is any high ideas, everything is simple and clear and therefore we will not speak about them. We will better talk about ideological squatting, destiny bogemno - creative, considerably left, well and simply freaky - give to youth which do not feed with bread any, and nevertheless revolution.

Skvottera track down the pleasant building, and if do not find in it life signs, for example, within a week, - everything, it is possible to take. That is quietly to come and put the locks. In occupied territories squatters or just live, enjoying life, or develop vigorous activity: arrange musical studios, art galleries, literaturno - art cafes, and also the Dutch squatters hold concerts, displays of amateur cinema etc., etc.

Today (or crackers, from the word kraak - to crack ) can assert the right to live in the occupied house through court if they manage to prove that they use it more effectively, than the former owner.

In the West the squatters respecting themselves will never begin to occupy the house at night. Skvottera will come in the afternoon, will decorate the occupied territory with a black anarchical flag and the slogan This house - ours! . Moreover will also call police to report to what address that can find them if suddenly very strongly wants to communicate to interesting people on hot topics...

Now in Russia there is an anarchical squat which obzhivaniye began in 2005. The cellar flooded with the sewerage was found and within several months water was extorted pumps - pumps four pieces burned down. In the winter everything froze and it was succeeded to cope with a task only in the spring. About 10 people worked. Then repair was made and heaters are put. Indoors there was a lot of any equipment which was carried away by the cops who found the place. Skvottera cut the lock in several hours and hung up new. Indoors passed two a hardcore - a concert.

Fights of foreign squatters with police - a frequent subject of the international news. In 2008 police officers and bailiffs visited the most hardy Polish squat in the city of Poznan - Rozbrat. The city was disturbed by an independent concert hall, gallery, bar, library, a housing estate? Most likely, the authorities do not care about the social center. Matter in the earth on which there is Rozbrat it can be sold. Therefore planning of the world action of solidarity with the activists who were on street began.

Last year`s persistent and aggressive protests of hundreds of activists in Dijon helped to keep a squat Les Tanneries (the name is translated as " Skinneries;) .

The youth center in Copenhagen existing since 1982, Ungdomshuset ( Youth House ), despite mass riots into which actions of defenders of a squat developed it was demolished in March, 2007. Destruction Youth House cost Denmark 70 million euros (more than a half from this sum was paid to the police constraining dissatisfied citizens).

However, there are two things which it is more important than decisions of the authorities: social importance Ungdomshuset and - justice. Now the town council is forced to build up Youth House anew, as demonstrations continued also after demolition of the building (on October demonstration in support of the House it was detained the 435th person).

Two last examples show that it is possible to fight for free spaces and it is necessary. And victory... Our actions are already a victory, this already civil society.]