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How it is correct to have a shave?

To to men who excessively showed consideration to own appearance, there was always a little alerted relation - according to the standard opinion, the man has to be it is mighty, vonyuch and it is hairy . But still Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin got up on protection orderly persons : It is possible to be the efficient person and to think about to beauty of nails .

With time shaving and an umashcheniye perfume became a norm for modern man and society decided that the average man has to smell sweet daily as expensive perfume, and also to be smoothly shaved. And if to solve the first problem very simply by purchase of the pleasant aroma, and, means, it not problem, and expenses, with the second point it is more difficult. Yes, technical progress relieved us from need to shave a beard with sharply ground cowry sink, and engineer Zhilett and at all lifted comfort on unprecedented height, having invented the well-known safety razor. But remember - when you last time were cut (a safety razor! For certain with three edges, each of whom shaves still more purely!) ? On to last week? Or in general yesterday?

Meanwhile there are several simple rules which allow to achieve pure and accurate shaving without excess expenses and losses of time. Strange: to these elementary councils precisely for fifty years, but not all them know and use. Obviously, advertizing with the nice young man shaving himself with really jet speed, does the dirty deed. But all of us let`s try to resist to promptly increasing number of edges and batteries in the elementary device.

1. First rule - face skin has to be damp! It - guarantee of high-quality shaving. And therefore not we stint on qualitative cream or gel. But you should not smear it on own physiognomy hand - so good moistening not to achieve. And therefore …

2. Get if at you it still no, a good small brush (a brush for shaving). Mankind still not entered in phase of nanotechnologies, and therefore worthy replacement to a small brush yet not it is thought up. Moisten it in to hot water, and then scoop gel / foam and evenly put on person. Your skin likes be pleasant.

3. Nearly forgot! Quality of shaving directly depends from that, our skin time is how open. Warm &ndash water; the first means for it. Of course, it will be healthy if to you it will be possible to combine reception of a bathtub / shower and actually shaving (I am familiar with several people, doing quite so), but if time or absence shower not allow to unite these operations, simple rinsing of the person in a measure hot water before process will alleviate your suffering.

4. Not once advertizing trusts and to accelerate the safety razor to supersonic speeds. Shaving not suffers vanities, and therefore belong to to this process as to daily meditation. Move the machine evenly on to the direction of growth of hair - at the majority of homo sapiens it is the « direction; from top to down . After the first calling estimate result, and if on that party of a mirror on you all still Robinson Crusoe looks (or Volume Hanks from movie Derelict - to choose on to taste) repeat process, directing the machine in opposite side. Naturally, to do it follows with the doubled care.

5. Having convinced that shaving worked well and on a face not remained one excess hair, wash away the remains of foam and rinse cheeks with cold water to close a time. Personally I I prefer not to use aftershaves - irritates me them pungent smell, but if you owner of sensitive skin, give preference to means, not containing alcohol.

Close shave!