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Fergie, Valeria, Dima Bilan... Which of celebrities carries the Orenburg scarf?

Many famous people became owners of the Orenburg down products. We made by

a selection of 10 celebrated personalities which bought or to which the real Orenburg scarf was presented:

1) Fergie - the famous singer from " group; Black Eyed Peas quite recently came to Moscow where gave the concert. What surprise of her admirers when it came to one of numbers in a white Orenburg scarf was! Or rather, it was the Orenburg spider line - the thin easy openwork product passing through a ring. Such gift was given on a press - conferences by Evgeny Starostin who told in the Orenburg magazine Skidkin and To about reaction of the singer to the given gift: Then presented it a memento why she even screamed , without having constrained feelings . The pattern of a scarf included the inscriptions Fergie and Glamourous . A spider line it is connected completely manually by Naziya Munasypova who spent for an openwork product 1,5 months.

2) The Madonna - other foreign star at which concert the legendary Orenburg souvenir was presented. Also handwork, white color, with embroidered lilies of the valley . The author of work is Gubaidulina who cooperated about the Internet subsequently - shop of the Orenburg down products Palantin. ru where it was sold, including, and the spider line similar to the presented famous singer.

3) Alla Pugacheva - of course, one of the most famous Russian singers was also not left without the Orenburg scarf. The scarf with brushes (shawl) with an embroidery of a mountain ash was presented to Pugacheva during her Orenburg tours.

4) Nadezhda Babkina received as a gift the same shawl, as well as Alla Pugacheva, from hands of the mayor of Orenburg Yury Mishcheryakov.

5) Lyudmila Zykina is the singer to whom from - for the song " sung by her; Orenburg down scarf special relation in Orenburg is had. During a concert in Orenburg the down scarf of handwork was presented to it. The knitter Kuszhanova knitted products for distinguished guests more than once. And this time it connected a gift for Zykina.

6) Jan Arlazorov. Here to whom down scarfs in Orenburg, so do not give it to men. Celebrities should visit independently shops to bring from Orenburg a product for the relatives. So happened also in a case to the famous satirist. As the " newspaper wrote; Arguments and facts Jan Arlazorov and Anatoly Trushkin long could not solve which of them will get a magnificent scarf only at that time with chrysanthemums. Arlazorov conceded to the writer, but then specially returned to Orenburg behind the pleasant scarf.

7) Valeria. Before a concert in Orenburg as the " newspaper wrote; Your day the popular singer together with the spouse Iosif Prigozhin bought in factory shop of 4 white palatines for gifts to the French friends: Literally the other day I fly to France for record of a new English-speaking album, - Valeria told. - I think, the well-known scarfs will be to the taste to my foreign friends. I fell in love with creations of the Orenburg pukhovyazalshchitsa long ago and I can safely tell that their works can compete even with the most eminent brands of clothes.

8) Dima Bilan - eshcheodin the actor who with pleasure took away down products from Orenburg. And in the morning he asked ten Orenburg down scarfs. As soon as they appeared in his hands, it as if the small child, began to embrace them and to iron. And then, having tied one of them on a neck, went to the " airport; - the Orenburg newspaper " wrote; Yaik .

9) Sean Young. to the Hollywood actress the legendary product has the luck to receive from Bezrukov. That Sean Young did not catch a cold, Bezrukov presented it the Orenburg down scarf Sean Young joked that, probably, from the same scarf and Isadora Duncan died. But Bezrukov calmed her and surprised with the fact that this volume scarf passes through a wedding ring - wrote Moskovsky Komsomolets .

10) Victor Bokov is that poet who composed verses for the song Orenburg down scarf . On writing of the most famous poem it was inspired by a down scarf which he bought for the beloved mother.