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What 10 golden rules of cleaning each hostess needs to know?

What aim you pursue when you start daily or clear-out?

Truly to make everything with the minimum losses of forces, means and time, without having spoiled and without having damaged any thing. Conform to 10 golden rules of cleaning, and you will reach it.

Rule first. It is better earlier, than later.

the Appeared spots on clothes, furniture and other surfaces it is much easier for b to remove

the first minutes after pollution. They will not show you serious resistance. But, having undertaken this problem next day or even later, it is necessary to apply heavy artillery washing and cleaners which anyway will affect quality of a thing. For example, I try to wipe a plate right after cooking until fat or something run away dried on it tightly. Spending for it no more than a minute, thus, I save time, own forces and detergent, so, and money. Rare exception: it is simpler to clean the earth from a carpet when it dries up. To pound the remains in dust, and to vacuum a carpet.

Rule second. You carry out cleaning from top to down. All know

about gravity. In the course of cleaning nobody cancelled it. Therefore the result will be always better if to clean to begin from above. Directing purity in the house, begin with an attic or the top floor, gradually going down to the cellar, passing already cleaned rooms. With the room it is simpler: at first clean a web corners, wipe ventilating grates and a chandelier. You pass to windows and walls (if it is necessary), then to doors and furniture and, at last, to plinths and a floor. In this case, the showered dust will not accumulate on already cleaned surfaces. The same rule is applicable for washing of mirrors and windows.

Here too there is an exception - washing of colored walls. If to begin from above, water streams will begin to flow down, leaving on a dirty surface of a strip with which then it will be difficult to cope.

Rule third. At first dry cleaning, then damp. always at first vacuum

In the room, sweep, dust and only then use liquid means (wash the floor, polish furniture, wipe mirrors). So in air there will be less weighed particles which easily stick to damp surfaces.

I always follow advice of my grandmother strictly. It is as follows: before to wipe dust from furniture, it is necessary to vacuum a carpet. The vacuum cleaner not only soaks up dust, but also lifts, let and its small part. The same weighed particles with pleasure will settle on a pure surface of furniture.

The fourth melted. Begin with less rigid way. Here everything is simple

- if the spot can be washed usual soap, do not resort to the help of strong solvents and abrasive cleaners. Surely find out what the thing is made of, and than its can be cleaned.

Ya neglected this rule until it once, after the next cleaning saw on a surface of the refrigerator of scratch

the Rule fifth. Take time in allies.

the linen Wetted in powder for some time washes off more simply. And, having decided to clear a plate or a table, apply means on a surface and be engaged in any affairs. Chemical will make the business, and you will need only to wipe all this with a rag. Before washing the dishes, my mother sprays a plate a cleaner. When dirty ware it is finished, the plate is enough to be wiped with a damp sponge few times.

Rule sixth. You hold everything near at hand.

Doing the cleaning, relieve yourself of wanderings on the house in search of the necessary subject. The apron with capacious pockets or the small room cart can become the quite good decision, for example. This rule is especially actual if it is about cleaning of the multiroom apartment or own house.

Rule seventh. Doubting, check where it is not visible.

I that says it all. Check a new way or new means on the imperceptible place. Even if the subject will suffer, the damage will be minimum.

Rule eighth. Do not fill in easily damaged things.

Electronics, pictures, objects of old times, the photo can be spoiled easily. They need to be wiped with the rag moistened in a small amount of detergent. You should not splash chemical directly regarding.

Rule ninth. Read instructions.

the Rule simple, however we quite often neglect it. Nevertheless, it is capable to save a heap of nerves, time and money. I try to read labels on detergents which I buy, however began to study labels on clothes rather recently. And in vain, there, as it appeared, a heap of useful information.

Rule tenth and the most important. Take care.

Any brilliant plate, the brushed thoroughly floor or it is dazzling - a white bathtub, do not cost the spoiled manicure, cracked, or, God forbid, the corroded skin of hands and all body pain. Even if you just were going to wash the dishes - put on rubber gloves. Having started analysis of stuff on an attic or in the cellar, in order to avoid injuries, put on trousers and a shirt with a long sleeve. Never mix means with each other if that is not demanded by the instruction. For example, at mixture of ammonia with chloric bleach, poisonous gas is emitted.

in the course of cleaning distract and have a rest, a species of the tired-out horse to you to anything.

In a word, love and take care! Also do not forget 10 golden rules of cleaning!]