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Word 2007. Any news?

of Word have the longest history among the appendices which are a part of a package, - the first version for DOS appeared in far 1983, and the version for Windows - in 1989

One of the main advantages of a new word-processor is the cardinally processed interface. First of all the way of access to habitual opportunities therefore in the beginning it is necessary to spend time for search of this or that program changed. Tried to make the benefit of Microsoft so that all necessary functions were near at hand at each stage of work therefore special difficulties do not arise. Except Word, the new interface appeared in other appendices of a package. The habitual menu bars and toolbars replaced with tapes (thematic sets of teams). Switching between them can happen as automatically, in response to actions of the user , and manually, one click by a mouse for this purpose suffices.

In the left top corner there is an Office button opening access to typical teams: To create, Open, Keep etc. Also there it is possible to check the text for compatibility with last versions, to put the digital signature and many other things.

In spite of the fact that appearance significantly changed, appendices remained same recognizable, as before. In many respects it is reached thanks to the fact that the majority of badges did not change and look also as in old versions. There was also a habitual marking of a window of the program - tools are placed above, the main space is taken away for typing, and the improved line of a state below settled down. The line of a state contains buttons for various display of the document, and also in it there is a convenient toddler allowing to increase or reduce page scale.

Also those who got used to use the hot keys did not remain unattended - almost all old combinations remained on the place, and also new were added.

Deserves a separate mention the built-in editor of formulas allowing to add and edit easily a formula of any complexity. It is especially convenient when writing scientific articles and documents. It is worth mentioning one new opportunity - creation of own autofigures.

The last - one more considerable innovation. With its help it is possible to structure process of drawing up documents, establishing concrete types of details or adding the sections which are not allowing editing or change of formatting. Continuous calculation of words in real time traces their quantity in the document directly during typing, and contextual spelling helps to avoid annoying mistakes.

For inveterate bloggers in Word there was a support of blogs allowing to send posts to the diaries directly from an application window.

Finally wants to note just magnificent spelling and grammars in the document which began to be carried out quicker and more precisely.

It is possible to tell with confidence that the new word-processor completely met all expectations - it became simpler and more convenient, and the result of work looks much more professionally. Besides Microsoft made every effort that for experienced users transition to the new version became as less as possible painful, and they had not to change for years the acquired habits. ]