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How to pay a compliment to the man?

We, women, always precisely know what has to be the man: strong, self-assured and independent. So, there is nothing to lisp, invent with it compliments and to praise continually. Here - that we are also mistaken... The women armed with a postulate that the way to their heart lies only through ears that is through a compliment, are for some reason sure that the similar form of attention humiliates men. Actually 99 men from 100 what self-assured they would not seem at the subconscious level are simple - are eager for approval.

But if for women a compliment - the excess occasion to stand out, taste couple of flatter words about itself favourite, then for men is an occasion to action. And here the compliment finds really magic force. No love potion and plots is necessary: in time the told and competently issued compliment is capable to turn the latest clodhopper into Terminator. And all because our strong men cannot live without feeds approval and admiration. Especially as the compliment is not lie at all. This just small exaggeration of advantages.

Also tone which you say a compliment is of great importance. With affection - the children`s baby talk is appreciated by men much less, than, for example, intimately lowered voice intended to it to one. Also the irony in which we, women, unclear why often we invest the praise turned to darling is inadmissible by no means.

One more widespread mistake: many ladies go to far in compliments, wasting them in an occasion and without. Possibly, they are guided by one of two principles: or oil you will not spoil porridge or the best decoration of the man - noodles on ears . Both of these postulates, maybe, are also right everyone, but only not in relation to compliments. They should be spoken only for good reason. Otherwise the beloved (if, of course, he is not a complete fool) will soon cease to trust them and the praise will lose the magic force.

That compliment worked will not prevent to know character and habits of the one to whom it is intended. It is very important to define what assessment of qualities is most significant for this specific man. Perhaps, to beat a nail - for it business usual and habitual. And here in culinary art it is not so strong also the fact that you noticed its progress in the field, it is extremely important for it. But there are also general regularities. For example, the assessment of his professional qualities is very important for any man. Or sexual (but, thank God, women also guessed long ago it!) . And, say, it is good to prepare ability - no. So why to praise for not burned slightly fried eggs if it is possible to find other compliment. For example, what it clever what clever fingers at it, etc. of

of the Man usually pay compliments to the woman about her beauty, ability to prepare, to receive guests, to part flowers, that is praise it for purely female qualities. And we, women, have to remember: the man should do compliments only on the subject man`s qualities.

And you want to check what character at your beloved? Then pay it obviously false compliment. The ironic person at whom everything is all right with sense of humour, for certain will answer with the same coin. If he is quick-tempered, straightforward and life perceives in is black - white color, then for certain will become angry that it take for the fool . If your beloved sincerely was delighted to your compliment, then... Conclusions can be a little, pick up to yourself any of them.

And if it is serious: in life so many moments for which are possible and it is necessary to praise darling. And, above all - it is necessary to think out nothing, rather just desire to make to it pleasant.