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How to pass for the rich man, or the Show off is more expensive than money!

If you have no money, most likely you very much grieve for this occasion, and sometimes hang up on yourself a brand of the loser. But, even if you are able to cope brilliantly with feeling of own inferiority and easy can leave, for example, in light in slaps for 150 rubles, yet not the fact that the secular public will appreciate independence of your nature. Easily can happen so that on a secular reception the way to you will be ordered, a face - control and so on... From the point of view of people limited, the person suffering from a chronic lack of finance - a being unreliable and unsuccessful. It which, perhaps, should not trust carrying out million transactions, testing of Bentley and the precious maiden destiny. And let you have ahead a grandiose future and the other day you strongly intend to become the financial tycoon, people are eager to contemplate material certificates of your solvency already today. If those certificates are not available very few people will believe that ideas, inventions and goods really cost something. Because if they cost something, you not would come by the scooter here, and on the same Bentley, for example.

The vicious circle turns out. To you prevent to earn money and to establish the necessary relations on the ground that you for the present do not have this money and communications. And that to break off this circle, it is worth forcing a situation sometimes a little. To pretend that you already slightly - slightly the magnate... And money at you much more, than actually... Especially as it is not so difficult to make it (visibility, role, but not the first million means here).

There are many ways to pretend to be the rich person, without spending for it spare cash. Here only some of them:

Learn to understand brands of expensive things even if you see them only on pages of magazines. Good orientation in terms from the world of the rich - a sign of the fact that you anyway are involved in this world.

Do not propagandize moderation and economy. Well and let the millionaire Dustin Hoffman buys expired yogurts to save five dollars from packing. It is already possible for Dustin Hoffman. And you should show nature width so far: and if you go on the wholesale market to buy there sugar one ruble cheaper, do not notify on it a general population.

It is not necessary to deceive. You can be caught very quickly that the atoll which you nadys bought on cheap stuff is not on Caribbean Islands, and in the Barents Sea. And here it is not forbidden to make plans. If to begin to tell about how captiously you study catalogs of real estate to Miami, people will have a suspicion that you have a lot of money, but there will be no occasion to convict you of lies.

Accessories - very important part of image. Yes, you came to an important business meeting in a cowboy shirt and grated slacks. But after you will get the « handle from a pocket of these slacks; Mont Blanc and points Cartier people will mechanically translate you from the category orphan Kazan in the category the rich man with whims .

Seek to surround yourself with unusual things - even if inexpensive. For a raising of the image (all, last time, word of honor) it is better to go on GAS - 21 1969 of release, than on the newcomer Tavriya . Tavriya unambiguously speaks to all: my owner has not enough money therefore he also got me. GAS - 21 it is proud and mysteriously hints at your originality. There are they at the same time approximately equally. The same relatively hours, jewelry, furniture and apartment. The is more ancient and it is more original - the better. The antique is an antique, whatever one may do, even if from such torsion it any minute will collapse on pieces.

Try to look as much as possible well-groomed. Healthy skin, clean hair, a slim figure - for such things these rotting capitalists are ready to give big thousands to experts in plastic surgery. And who will guess what you got all this luxury by means of only couple of dumbbells, a regular combing and several councils from the correct magazine for men?

Develop in yourself optimism. Moaning, uncertainty in itself and in tomorrow, negative attitude to reality - it is not signs of the successful person.

Generally, behave as rich, look as rich, and you by all means to them will become!