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Men and sex. What interests them actually?

of the Man and sex. What interests them actually?

Subject: Sex

We got used to think of men, as of the beings from other planet fixated on the sizes of the member and thinking of sex of 390 times a day (on other sources, 418 times). To correspond to the erotic status of the beloved, we steadily improve sexual skills, we buy lace lingerie, scarlet lipstick, we think over the scenario of the second (the third, tenth and so on) a honeymoon and other. But to general harmony all the same as to the Moon. Perhaps, the cumulative man`s portrait drawn with women`s magazines is too schematical? Or men at last understood that it is incredibly difficult to play Casanova`s role (especially without having to it talent)?

Generally to place all points over i editorial office of the " magazine; Natali decided to conduct survey among 284 respondents and to be defined at last: what interests men actually.


The Initiative is punishable if it proceeds not from the woman . So considers the vast majority of men. The prospect to be raped by the woman seduces only 3 - 5 percent. From them a half - the workaholics who were so devastated by work that they are enough only for thoughtless watching the TV. Naturally, they will not object if the woman, having resolutely covered with itself the screen, shows something much more interesting, than everyday life of criminal St. Petersburg. And men who do not carry themselves to number of workaholics or latent masochists wait from the woman of thinner and sophisticated initiative. For example, that darling remembered that 726 today - y (1452 - y, 30789 - y...) day of acquaintance, also suggested to celebrate this significant date unambiguously... Or that she went to bed, having put on herself only aroma of favourite spirits (naturally, the man will find its nakedness incidentally), - it especially is effective, than in more chaste pajamas the woman will usually desire to rest.

A cunnilingus

At most of men the relation to oral sex absolutely unambiguous: they it is crazy about it, but... only in female execution. Once the man hints about what not bad to change over as his enthusiasm disappears. Such dualism it is characteristic for 87 percent of men. Lucky women who managed to snip off 13 - a percentage minimum enjoy full mutual understanding. And at nihilists there are at least three reasons to deny a cunnilingus:

1. Wrong education. Obviously, put some idea to the man since the childhood that genitals are something indecent, and games with them - almost a crime.

2. Features of mentality. Some men are convinced that the cunnilingus humiliates man`s advantage.

3. Lack of experience. The person, maybe, just is not able to do it, and the partner is already ready to accuse him of indifference and callousness!

The first case is almost incurable - pedagogical mistakes do not give in to correction. The second and third - are not hopeless. Basic principle treatments - personal example and... scoring of the desires. The man is not able to read mind - he waits that to it facilitated life, having prompted as well as that should be done. One more way out - the " method; mirrors - the woman does with the man that she would like that he did with it.


Oh, it they love! Only under the word experiments men mean a little bit not that women. Our imagination at once draws a picture from the movie Nine and a half weeks or, at the worst, Main instinct . Gastronomic, sadomasochist and any other aspect of sex interests men as - so far as - in general the teatralizovannost is alien to the majority of them. For them the main thing - a surprise element. Strikes the man up to the soul depth if the woman holds the intentions secretly. For example, does not put defiantly at a love bed a cup with ice cubes. Also does not declare something type: And today we play the doctor and the patient . From the point of view of the man, all value of sexual experiments in that they did not look carefully prepared and rehearsed.

To be fair It should be noted that 2 percent of men love experiments in pure form. To Calculate such fans very simply - they undertake all organizational part. You need only to enjoy!

A post-romantic syndrome

What happiness that 98 percent of men do not fall into a hysterics at thought that the fire-spitting passion is followed surely by cooling of feelings! (Together with 98 percent of women whom the thought of a post-romantic syndrome just dements it would be too!) The stronger sex belongs to it philosophically. The requirement every minute to embrace and use any right moment disappeared to break the friend from the friend clothes? It does not mean that men do not want restoration of former intensity of emotions. Want. But without panic and hysterical fear that if immediately not to begin restoration works there will be something awful. All the matter is that men more sincerely in the feelings (and therefore, maybe, are more artless). Of what the woman when she feels that sexual life begins to revolve thinks? Not how to it from it it is bad and sad, and how to it it will be bad and sad when, having started missing, the man runs away from it behind thrills. And the man, having noticed some recession temperatures thinks that there is in the world a harmony, and (upon my life!) breathes sigh of relief: because not in human it forces - to keep mad speed it is more than 1,5 - 2 months. Physiology whether you know. Therefore the man reacts to convulsive attempts of the better half to urgently reanimate the sexual relations poorly. It will be important to seize then the opportunity when it is necessary to become more active and begin to show an ingenuity. Simply there is more attention - to it, to itself, the feelings, sexual instincts.

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