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How cheerfully to celebrate New Year`s holidays with children?

New Year`s holidays - a wonderful time to find time for children, whether it be your own offsprings, nephews or younger brothers and sisters . First of all, it is a family holiday, and nobody waits for New Year`s surprises with such impatience as children! Present them these days the most expensive - your attention and care.

There is nothing more simply, than to think up and realize some family New Year`s tradition. For example, one week prior to New year to invite on a visit friends of your kid that they decorated the fluffy beauty. So far the children will cheerfully frolic and argue on what branch to hang up a toy, you will manage to bake festive pie and to make tasty drinks for kids. If to arrange similar action every year, it also will become good family tradition.

If you celebrate a New Year`s Eve in the company of children, try to lay them a separate table - your little guests have entertainments and the talk. Previously surely talk over with parents of children and try to find out what products or drinks should be avoided if at someone allergic reactions are possible. Do not forget that children want that everything was really, as at adults . On New Year`s Eve pour in their glasses children`s champagne - a sweet nonalcoholic shipuchka. Let will feel important persons.

It is possible to prepare for children and dishes from the children`s menu . Colourfully various sandwiches, sandwiches, a canape on skewers look, for example. It is very convenient to take the tiny buterbrodik got on skewers from a plate, and spots on clothes will be less.

For preparation of sandwiches take yesterday`s bread of any grade - fresh difficultly to slice very thin (them it is possible to fry or cut out from them a figure no more than six centimeters in size - an asterisk, rombik, half moons, small squares). Connect on sandwiches two - three layers of the different products which are combined with each other to taste and color pin them on skewers and thrust in the prepared grain slices. There are several options:

- soft processed cheese, tomato and branch of greens;

- a cheese cube, on it a half of a walnut, a slippery jack;

- paste, olive or a piece of red sweet pepper, a greens branch.

The latest trends - vegetable sandwiches. In them instead of bread use the vegetables cut by figures, crude or boiled to semi-readiness. Carrots, beet, turnip, a garden radish, pumpkin will approach. Slices of vegetables can be laid on lettuce leaves. Then prepare cottage cheese mix (cottage cheese is mixed with sour cream, add small cut greens, at will - the wiped cheese, sheep cheese, the pounded garlic) and accurately spread it on slices of vegetables. For decoration of vegetable and fruit sandwiches it is good to use green peas and sweet corn from sets of freshly frozen vegetables, and also cowberry, a cranberry or berries of red currant.

Besides the children`s menu, it is worth thinking also of entertainments . You do not want what your guests all stayed in the evening, having buried in the TV? Think of entertainment program in advance and pick up competitions in which both adults, and children will be able to participate. There are some options:

Gift :

it is just ideal game for New Year`s evening. Each of players thinks out what gift he would give the neighbor. Then in turn begin to show the gift by means of a mimicry and gestures. As soon as the neighbor guessed, he can think of the gift to the following player. Words are forbidden!

Parodists :

cards on which names of the famous people are written are given by all player. Then each of participants has to sing the song or tell an amusing story by voice, that person who is specified on a piece of paper.

New Year`s fairy tale : the leader chooses

a little actors also distributes them roles (a fir-tree, a blizzard, a frost, a snowball, hare, a wolf, a runner, a horse, drovenka, the little man).

a statement Plot very much idle time - a song In the wood the fir-tree " was born;. Actors need to enter an image of the heroes and as it is possible to represent all their actions better. The best actor will win a prize. The leader recites words of a song, and actors represent all events.

Your holiday with children was successful wonderfully well? Ahead still New Year`s and Christmas holiday, and you can safely continue to entertain your child. Question where to descend? on winter vacation it is irrelevant, the festive program for children was prepared by both circuses, and theaters of the young audience. At last, snow dropped out, and it will be possible to go to family ski walk to park or the wood, on a skating rink or with the sledge on the next hill. Besides, is what to look also at movie theaters at. For example, animated film Do legs - about adventures to a pingvinyonka by the name of Mambl who cannot reproduce any note that in music world of imperial penguins it seems impossible. But Mambl dances that still a tap dance! Or animation comedy Ugly Duckling and Ya removed according to the famous fairy tale of Andersen. In original option the Danish storyteller intentionally lowered and disregarded many unexplored questions. Such, for example, as: From where there was an egg? Really absolutely nobody noticed that the Ugly Duckling was at all not that whom seemed? Creators of the animated film managed to answer with humour all questions and expanded with that a history framework.]