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Whether it is possible to sleep with the friend`s wife?

the Answer to this question is obvious to any man: no, no, no! However, everything is not so unambiguous. In the world there were many people which adhered to other point of view: night in the company of the wife of the friend is a natural right of the guest. The owner himself in honor has to not only suggest him to drink, eat, have a rest, but also to concede a matrimonial bed. This phenomenon received the name hospitable prostitution .

Such long since known custom was widespread rather widely: it existed in Greenland, the Equatorial Africa, Asia Minor, Polynesia, Australia, on the island Ceylon, on Canary Islands, at Indians of the South and North America. Sometimes instead of the wife the guest should have offered the daughter, and to the foreign traveler - the best woman of the tribe. The custom essence from it did not change. Thus the owner showed an arrangement and sympathy.

The similar standard of hospitality is a remnant of group marriage and the tribal relations. Mentions of similar custom occur in descriptions of many great travel, for example:

M. Wrote a polo that when lived in Tibet, his owner delicately left the house, allowing the guest to enjoy society of own wife freely. Perry`s

told that at the Greenland Eskimos the woman during absence of the husband could be given anyone. In love we arrive as sea otters - they said.

To refuse the offered woman was considered as big offense for the owner. It meant that the guest is dissatisfied with the honors done to him or does not trust in good intentions of the party accepting him. Similar insults were often inadvertently caused to natives by priests - missionaries: leaders heartily offered them the wives, daughters, the handsome of the tribe and did not understand the first why Holy Fathers persistently evade from their gesture of hospitality. Reached also ridiculous. When the missionary Harris refused in Nukagiva such honourable offer, native temptresses made the way in its hut at night, wishing to be convinced, whether the man he. At them did not go in as it is possible to refuse them. The priest offended by the act not only the leader and presented for night of women, but also all tribe.

At the ancient people hospitable prostitution naturally intertwined with religious. Priestesses at the same time were also women of easy virtue. From foreigners took though some sum even if absolutely scanty. For example, in the temple of the goddess Ishtar in Babylon established prices was not: who how many will give. In colonies of Phoenicia hospitable prostitution accepted more commercial character. At entry into Carthage there were so-called tents for girls to whom young beauties were sent to strangers for money with the purpose to save a dowry and it is successful to marry.

In the Middle Ages in Europe custom of hospitality, reminding customs of the primitive people, was so-called decoration of a bed for the knight who was the guest in some lock.

The similar tradition existed also in Russia at the time of a serfdom when landowners invited neighbors. For this purpose more wealthy noblemen contained harems of dancers in the manors or just domestics which were always ready to please guests.

Very hardy was this tradition at most of the people living is rarefied in a severe environment - in the tundra of the North and the deserts of Australia. Many European travelers described custom to offer own wife to the passable traveler. Moreover, was considered that the more in such family of children, not similar to the father, the more considerably at him a reason for pride.

in favor of it outrage tells the genetic argument caused by threat of extinction of these people. Their representatives, in essence, are close relatives therefore others blood - protection against degeneration of a family.

Many people kept this primitive custom up to the 19th century. By the way, at indigenous people of Polynesia, Australia and Far North, in the African tribes vagy and basuto still it is considered quite normal to oversleep with the wife of the close friend. So keep in mind

: in these countries it is possible to sleep with the wife of the best friend not only, but also it is necessary. Otherwise that will take offense with

By preparation of this article only one thought pleased me: as it is good that I live HERE AND NOW!]