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How to support hamsters of the house?

Keeping of a hamster in the house depend on what look it treats. In last article we told about what breeds of hamsters happen, and we hope that you are already guided in their names. Asian hamsters, as well as Roborovsky`s hamsters, can live in the cages intended for mice or in others, but it is obligatory with frequent rods, or in a big terrarium in which the conditions close to natural are created. Put a hay layer on half of the dwelling of Asian hamsters (replacement - sawdust). On a bottom of a terrarium in which Roborovsky`s hamsters have to lodge fill sand a layer two - three centimeters, put several stones, hay, a moss and small branches.

Any cage can become the house for a West Asian hamster, or a golden hamster: metal, wooden, from plastic or layered plastic. Its minimum sizes: length - 30, width - 25, height - 18 centimeters. However it is better to keep a small animal in more spacious cage: 904040 centimeters. The matter is that golden hamsters are inclined to obesity. As a result they break a metabolism, the organism resilience to diseases decreases. And in a spacious cage it is possible to put a small ladder that the small animal could climb up it the platform made above or the second floor of the house and go down. It is possible to establish and squirrel a wheel in which the small animal will begin to run willingly, overcoming per day distance in several hundreds of meters.

In a cage of a golden hamster, as well as all other hamsters, there has to be a lodge - a bedroom. Put hay or small wood shaving, sawdust on a bottom of a cage. It is necessary to change a laying at least two times a week.

As hamsters are awake at night, and sleep in the afternoon, it is necessary to feed them in the late afternoon, once a day. The golden hamster has to eat about 15 grams of seeds (oats, wheat, rice, peas, seeds of sunflower, hemp, pumpkin) and not less than 10 - 15 grams of vegetables (carrots, beet, cabbage), about 5 grams of white or gray loaf.

White loaf is given to both Asian hamsters, and Roborovsky`s hamsters. And except it - seeds of wild-growing plants which prepare in the summer, millet, a canary seed, sunflower seeds, oat flakes. In the summer - bugs, grasshoppers.

For the most different hamsters fresh greens are obligatory: salad, spinach, leaves of a dandelion, beet, peas, clover, lucerne, young grass of cereals. Well small animals of berry, and also fruit, fresh and dried eat. Every other day - two hamsters should milk, dried gammarus (fresh-water crustaceans with whom feed fishes), boiled meat, small cut egg. Besides, salt (0,2 grams - to adult golden hamsters, 0,1 - to young people) and cod-liver oil (0,1 and 0,05 grams - to adults and young people respectively). The piece of chalk has to lie in dwellings of hamsters of different types. In a drinking bowl always there has to be fresh water.

Oats, wheat and peas (the whole grains) need to be filled in with water of room temperature and to leave for days in bank. Then grains wash out and clean in the refrigerator. In a soaked look small animals eat these forages more willingly. Seeds of hemp, sunflower and bread should be given one - two times a week: that obesity did not develop. It is possible to feed with peas more often. Pieces do not carry the dried-up corn from a cage: small animals gnaw them and grind off teeth.

In the winter in a small box couch oats. When it reaches height of 8 - 10 centimeters, it is pulled out together with roots, washed and given to hamsters. It is useful to give to small animals and pieces of young branches of an aspen or a willow, is not thicker than 1 centimeter which bark contains a microcell cobalt. It is possible to put young branches of an apple-tree, mountain ash, a hazel grove in a cage.

Stocks in storerooms of hamsters should be examined periodically, deteriorated to throw out, to return the others into place. Small animals feel in bondage better when their natural habits are not broken.

Samochki of golden hamsters become adults when they are 30 days old. However it is better for them to get cubs at two-month age. At this time a samochka also place to a male: in the house he feels more surely. As the first acquaintance can begin with a fight, it is necessary to watch hamsters. A fight sometimes comes to an end with death of one of small animals. To be sure completely that the samochka will not attack a male, their cages previously it is necessary to pull together or partition off a cage of a male the metal gauze. If the samochka begins to sniff at a male through cells of a grid or rods of a cage, to nestle on him, the barrier is cleaned. In several days after pregnancy approach the samochka ceases to admit to itself a male. Having noticed it, it is returned at once in own cage.

Pregnancy at golden hamsters lasts usually 16 - 18 days, sometimes - 20 - 22 days. The first time the samochka gives birth to 4 or 5 cubs, but then it can have 8 - 10 and even 16 cubs. She feeds them with milk from 21 to 25 days.

It is necessary to handle with a pregnant samochka exclusively with care, whenever possible to avoid sharp fluctuations of temperature in the room, an extraneous noise. The been born cubs cannot be touched.

During pregnancy and after it the samochka should milk, meat or gammarus. In its cage constantly there have to be spongy bones.

Asian hamsters, a male and a samochka, are not separated. If the samochka remains one, it grows up much less cubs.

That successfully bred Roborovsky`s hamsters, a lot of forages of an animal origin are necessary for them. Besides, small animals should be disturbed as little as possible. Cubs are separated from parents when they become independent or after birth of their younger brothers and sisters.

Before getting any hamster, properly think and whether it is necessary to you, and whether you will manage to look after him? Good luck to you in all undertakings.