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What to present for New year? Gifts - things.

First and the most important - to the LUMP? A sex, age, a social status whom this person is necessary you. All these components are important! And the most important - your financial opportunities. Though it is possible to give a gift and the hands. Prepare gifts in advance. It would be just remarkable if you knew about intimate desires of those to whom these gifts are intended. Then you will hit the mark.

Ideas of gifts - choose!

For children and teenagers.

of the Toy. Dolls. Computer games. Mouse computer. Printer. Ear rings. Bracelets. Fashionable photo album. Guitar. Other musical instruments. Animals. Birds. Audiobooks. Badges, brands and other objects of a collecting. Subscription for fashionable magazines. Movies on DVD. Rollers. Skates. Hoop. Mittens. Cap. Cap. Bag. Camera. Dictophone. Video camera. Laptop. Audio system. Home theater.

And than the child - that inquiries higher is more senior. The more difficult to please it. Girls in 13 - 16 years already dream to be a model for adult magazines and to meet princes. To have beautiful underwear and a French perfume. To go to fitness - the center or to a sunbed. In them future woman begins to wake up. Boys at this age still play strategy and will be glad to a beautiful poster on all wall with their favourite hero. Will be happy to receive the new mobile phone or even a new melody for it. Attentively listen what the child, the teenager speaks about. Ask the kid a question: What this year you asked for Father Frost?

For colleagues.

In each collective - the traditions. At us, for example, it was accepted to give for every holiday something on a certain subject. For example, a subject - tea drinking. Beginning from beautiful tea services or couples to packages of tasty fragrant teas. Sometimes gathered and by sharing the cost bought a tea little table. Knowing about habits and desires of the colleagues, it is easy to give gifts.

Tea. Coffee. Box of chocolates. Objects of kitchen. Book. Audio cassette. DVD - the movie. Daily log. Computer accessories. A car - accessories. Candles. Long ago desired magazines. Photo album. The folder for papers. Charm. Pen. Card holder. Ticket for a concert of the favourite performer. A subscription for the magazine or the newspaper on a subject of business or a hobby. The subscription to the pool or in massage salon.

It is clear, that any intimate gifts and means of hygiene on business - the etiquette is not given. Shampoos, soap and cream from wrinkles will indicate your bad manners. If you do not know what authors are preferred by your colleague - the book will not approach. And the ticket for fate - a concert for the fan of classics will be an unwanted gift. Do not risk better, present something neutral.

For darlings.

Darlings want attention. Therefore stock up with patience and observe them. What do they admire? What speak about? What do they want?

- So again I want to Paris!

- You already was there? there is no

- already wanted!

Besides everything will depend on your financial opportunities. Someone will be glad to a bouquet of camomiles, and someone povorotit a nose from the next gold necklace. The tenth.

What is wanted by women? Teapot. The microwave oven - the furnace. Apartment. Car. A meeting of New year in some exotic place. New fur coat. And so on - the list of the next boutique. Erotic massage. A romantic dinner with darling. And the same that is written above.

In reply our men want to receive - the scooter. Yacht. The fancy car at once with the driver. Hang-glider. Apartment. Big house. Men are more senior - something for health.

It about desires. And what it to give us - that?

Cognac. Tea. Spirits. Set of good movies. Long ago desired book. Board souvenir games. Souvenirs - a symbol of the coming year. New Year`s suit. Set of Christmas tree decorations. Electromasseur. Candlestick. Jewelry.

For the senior relatives.

That they want and that it is necessary for them you have to know even better, than desires of the darlings. Products and goods of health, or festive tasty gifts by New year will be for them just right. Beautifully issued grocery basket with teas, dried fruits, cheese and spices too will be apprehended by them with pleasure. Or the unusual jam cooked even in the summer according to the original recipe - in a beautiful jar, with a festive tape. Last New year presented a newspaper subscription ZOZh Medical letters . All year I receive from the aunts official messages of thanks and recipes from illnesses.

It is clear, that not to list everything. And did not set such task. All the same this article will suggest to you an idea. And you, having measured contents of the purse, you will plan purchase of gifts in advance. Ideas of gifts the hands - a subject of my following article. Share the thoughts concerning gifts by a wonderful holiday!]