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How to choose a computer chair?

Agree: there is nothing more silly and more offensively, than a kitchen stool or a usual chair near the computer. So often it happens if the desired car is already bought, and was not enough for specialized furniture of means. How to choose the necessary model and at the same time not to be ruined? It is necessary to ask itself very simple question: What do I want to receive from this model?

You have to ask such question before going to shop. The most important criterion - a number of hours in day which you will carry out in front of the monitor.

- 1 - 2 hours a day. Your favourite leisure - after work or in day off to play, check mail, to get into the Internet etc. It is possible not to be ruined and take especially a convenient chair with a minimum of adjustments and from simple materials, it costs 800 - 2500 rub, it is no more.

- 3 - 5 hours a day. It means that you actually work at home and your organism already experiences considerable strain. It is better to take a chair with the maximum mobility in all planes: with the seat depth regulated manually, height and an inclination of a back and height of armrests. And material of an upholstery has to be hygroscopic (absorbing moisture) not to stick to a seat in the summer. The price from about 2300 to 4500 rub

- More than 5 hours a day. It is possible to tell that you just live in this chair (to a bowl of all programmers and a web - designers are doomed to it). To save on computer furniture there is no sense, otherwise harm to health can be considerable. Pay attention to chairs with the synchronous mechanism which is considered as fundamentals of ergonomics: it allows to change in coordination the provision of a back and seat according to the user`s pose. The emphasis of a back is regulated depending on the weight of the person. Usually the back of such ergonomic chair is equipped with system of anti-return. These models are rather expensive - their retail price fluctuates between 160 and 400 c.u.


the Most modern models are constructed by the principle all possible conveniences . Ergonomic chairs are simply stuffed with manual and automatic adjustments - and on height and depth of a seat, and on a corner of a deviation and height of a back. The list can be continued.

In class « ergonomics; luxury it is possible to regulate literally each detail, and the back is bent under different corners in three places. Often there is even peculiar emphasis for legs, almost like in the dental chair, and an independent head restraint.

Moreover: obivochny materials are specially developed to block sweating. Under an upholstery there can be everything that it is necessary for soul too, - from a masseur in a seat and a back (it has up to ten modes) to Hi filler - tech which fits your body as the second skin. Unfortunately, the ergonomics are available to not everyone - for a chair it is necessary to lay out from 600 to 1500 c.u.


Quite often the most active user of the computer in a family there is a child - the teenager. As it kostno - the muscular system is not absolutely created yet, it needs especially convenient chair. Do purchase surely together with the child, let he will try on seat. Height has to be regulated so that his legs strongly stood on a floor, and the back at the same time was a straight line. The chair back - is better high, with a head restraint. Armrests are obligatory - they will help to unload a backbone. And still - pay attention to a made of cloth, but not leather upholstery. It will not allow the child to sweat or slide off.

- The head restraint will help to avoid an overstrain of cervical muscles and will give the chance to porelaksirovat.

- the Tilt angle of a back is regulated for unloading of a backbone and muscles of a back.

- Thickenings on a back - for uniform distribution of pressure of a chair to a body and support of a back in a waist.

- the Mechanism of continuous contact with a back - the chair back, at this seat does not change the situation. To you it is comfortable in any situation.

- the armrests Regulated on height and (or) width allow to reduce fatigue in shoulders and cervical vertebras.

- Reinforced side edges of a seat allow to reach the most comfortable position and to avoid sliding forward.

- Choose only qualitative things and work in the pleasure!

Good luck to you, dear readers!