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How to write a press - release for the company? A private judgment - releases of

Working for a press on both sides of barricades, both the journalist, and PR - the manager at the same time, I constantly face a problem a press - releases. On the one hand, being in a constant flow of information, I try to choose all most interesting. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible. Not because badly I choose but because the choice time is small. On the other hand, covering in Word`e next zazyvaniye for journalists, I puzzle: how to make a press - the release is more interesting to mass media how to achieve bigger return and publications. Having executed the PR functions - the manager, I am right there embodied in the captious journalist. As if I arrived on its place, having seen this press - release? Often similar tests come to an end with long deduction of the Del key. The whole paragraphs disappear from the text, giving way to more laconic and harmonous phrases.

How to write a good press - release for the company? This question torments not the first generation of PR - experts. Popular belief: journalists love fried facts. Sensation at any cost! Loud headings, loud reasonings. It is a mistake. Journalists are interested not fried facts, and information interesting to their audience. It is very important to understand a difference. Today in the market of mass media there are accurate niches, and each edition takes a certain place. Business magazines, entertaining, yellow press. And to everyone it is necessary the information, for the reader. If you send to the solid business magazine a press - release with heading which usually uses yellow the press, most likely, the text will be sent to a basket. If in yellow the newspaper the message with heading for the business publication will be sent, this news will also not affect soul of the editor. And the text will go to a basket again. The matter is that your press - release will cause interest only in case it contains information which is of interest to readers or the audience of mass media.

There are requirements for structure. In principle, it is standard. As it is written in all good books on journalism, in the beginning - the answer to four questions: Who, Where, As When. Then - the most interesting information in one paragraph, then - details, then - details, then - a background (reference information). It is structure of news. By the similar principle the press - release of the company is under construction. And, please, when you will prepare the text, take care of enough information, including a background! How many send a press - releases from one line! That it is possible to write what news or the text from the source code it is powerful in 200 symbols? Anything. The good form is considered to get for a press - release on one page. Normal volume, but not one - two offers. I can be objected. Like, it is possible to call. I can object too. And if the edition is in other city or the country? If your enterprise - in Nizhny Novgorod, and mass media - in Moscow or Kiev, is interesting to call them? I think, no. And to you gloomily whole day to hang on phone and to answer the same questions of journalists. Therefore, having already written the text, look, please, at it once again and think what questions can arise at the journalist? Thought up? Now include answers in a press - release and repeat procedure.

Language. Practically it is always possible to distinguish straight off a press - release of business firm and state organization. The first is written in a living language, the second - dry office. To read florid official turns sometimes very difficult. It is even more difficult to write the interesting text on the basis of this information. Treat work of the journalist with understanding. Write a press - releases with a simple, clear and living language, without difficult phrases and turns. It is possible to check the text for harmony by means of a usual text editor of Word. Cause spelling (the " menu; " Service; -> Spelling or press the F7 key). After the end of check the program will give a small window in which the quantity of symbols in the text, paragraphs and offers will be written. But the most important - in the bottom of a window will be removed four characteristics: education level, ease of reading, number of difficult phrases and harmony. The it is better these parameters, the better the text turned out.

The press - releases of the companies can be supplied with headings. However, copies in which as heading serves the word " meet; The Press - release . A good form - to think up the interesting title which will draw attention of the journalist and to stimulate it to read the text. And, of course, do not forget a press at the end - release to add your coordinates: phone with a city code, e-mail and ICQ. And also a name and a surname of responsible PR - the worker.]