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How many it is possible to earn from texts for the websites? A grant for copywriters of

In this article we will consider the most demanded types of works connected with text filling of the websites. We will also raise the questions connected with approach and determination of quality of the text for the website. Today one of key factors of advance of any website irrespective of - commercial or information - there is qualitative and unique content. The people visiting the Internet first of all are interested in obtaining information, and a task of owners of the websites - to provide them the most exhaustive information on the interesting subject. On the websites with unique content users more often voluntarily put references in the Internet, raising resource positions in search engines. And moderators of serious catalogs simpler and quicker register such website in base. Thus, except attraction and deduction of a captive audience around a resource, qualitative content carries out an important role in search advance of the website. For example, the interesting interview with the famous person posted on the website can give hundreds and thousands of people on the website and to give tens of references from other websites, forums, communities in LJ, blogs. And all this will work for popularity of the project.

Not unique content Is demanded by

rather seldom as serious projects seldom place with themselves articles taken from other websites. And if place, then usually either the regular employee, or the owner of a resource is engaged in it. To copywriters - freelancers such work is charged less often, but it happens. The task is set simple: to find in the Internet and to razmesit on article website on a concrete subject. They have to be interesting, useful and fresh. That`s all. Pay for such work a little, for example, about 1 - 2 dollars for material. Example of not unique content: snabjenci. ru/statya11. shtml.

The translation Work is more difficult than

. Today a set of Russian-language news projects place at themselves the news transferred from the English-speaking websites, reviews, the test - drayva. On the one hand, owners of the Russian-speaking websites receive seemingly unique content. On the other hand - the visitors who are not knowing English or any other foreign language have an opportunity to read news and reviews on native and clear. From the translator high efficiency, knowledge of a subject, ability to choose the most actual materials for the translation is required. As a rule, translators take articles from the same websites, for example, daily monitor 5 - 6 resources. Payment practices or price-work (by quantity of signs), or fixed. For example, for one website - 150 - 300 dollars a month. Budgets can change depending on the volume of work and the required efficiency. Example: ru / - is used the translation of content and rewriting (references to the source are surely specified).

Idle time rewriting

Is one article or news - it is required to make the second in which the same will be told, but in other words of it. At the exit unique content turns out as if. At the same time copyright of a source is not violated, and the reference to anybody should not be put. However rewriting - does not mean easy work to the copywriter. Competently to retell, for example, the technical text, it is necessary to sweat fairly to find definitions of technical terms. Also sometimes address rewriting that it is simpler, easier to write the text, heavy for perception. For example to make article normal, clear to much of the text of the thesis. It is necessary to explain difficult things with the most simple and clear language, replacing terms with daily words. Pay copywriters for idle time rewriting depending on complexity - $2-3 for 1000 signs. The example is in my article Rewriting and as to do it.

Difficult rewriting

of the Task similar, but on an entrance is available not one, and several sources. Sometimes their quantity reaches 30 - 40. And the copywriter should do one unique article of this set of the facts, opinions, figures. Costs difficult rewriting on average $3-5 for 1000 signs above. Example: mediaindoor. ru/index. php? page=28 (I definitely do not remember, but about ten sources were used).

Unique articles

Unique articles assume existence in the text of the facts, opinions, information, earlier not published anywhere. Articles are written or on the basis of own experience, or on the basis of the deep analysis of a subject and polls of experts, or on the basis of only polls of experts. Also articles it is possible to create on a basis a press - releases and information provided a press - services of the enterprises. The review of the market prepared on the basis of poll of the leading players, the test - the drive of the car which is carried out personally by the copywriter, the review of the program or a computer game, the review of the interesting websites can be an example of unique articles. And many other things. Thus, creation of unique article demands from the copywriter of profound knowledge of a subject, existence of a source of unique information (for example, experts), serious analytical skills (for formation of conclusions), experience as the journalist. The cost of unique articles begins from $5 for 1000 characters with spaces. But, as a rule, rates higher and reach $15 and more for 1000 characters with spaces. Example: ru/st_sub. shtml (personal experience is used).


the copywriter`s Task - to interview a certain person. As a rule, interviews are paid with the fixed sum. Depending on complexity of work cost varies much. It is difficult to give any concrete numbers. Example: habrahabr. ru/blog/interviews/6847. html.

A press - releases So far service is demanded by

seldom, but with development of free services for placement a press - releases its relevance increases. A task which is set by the owner of the website for the copywriter - to write a press - release which will draw attention of journalists to its project and will force them to write about the website to mass media. For this purpose the author a press - release needs to find highlight in the website which will pull on a good information occasion. To create a press - release, from the author the knowledge of features of work of journalists, knowledge of subject of the project, ability to find and describe advantages and interesting features of the website will be required. The working costs - from $5 for 1000 signs, but more often than a rate are higher. If you have acquaintances in mass media, communications with owners online - resources, at last, own projects where it is possible to place a press - release are big plus. It is possible to look at examples in my article How to write a press - release.

Descriptions for catalogs

are the service which was very demanded in the market For today. As a rule, start of any website is followed by its registration in catalogs. This process is automated, but descriptions should be done manually. Here them is that and order to copywriters, and in a huge number. For example, 5 descriptions on 500 signs, 20 - on 300 signs, 20 - on 250 signs, 20 - on 200 signs and 10 - on 150 signs. Wow! at the same time it is necessary to enter in texts of descriptions harmoniously 10 - 20 keywords and phrases. Naturally, it is difficult to write 75 descriptions of the same website. But there is a technology allowing to simplify considerably this process. In - the first, mark out competitive advantages at the website. For example, before you the website of construction company. Their strengths: quality, full range of services (from construction before finishing, for example), a guarantee, free drawing up the estimate, low prices, a possibility of approximate calculation of cost of construction or repair on the website. Having marked out advantages, you will choose those which are connected in any way with each separate advantage from the list of keywords. Further take for the rule: one short description (150 - 300 symbols) has to reflect one, at most two advantages, long (350 - 500 symbols) - two - three and more advantages. Also write. In our example at the company six advantages. Thus, from 20 descriptions on 300 signs about 3 - 4 texts have to describe each advantage. The working costs usually depend on total quantity of signs of all descriptions. For example, $5 for 1000 signs. The complete set for the website costs approximately $20-50.]