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How to get acquainted with neighbors, or Than the social network Mirtesen is good. ru?

Social networks continue victorious procession along the Internet. Despite relative youth - to social networks as on-line the Internet - to service is slightly more than ten years - they enjoy wide popularity. According to comScore, only for the last year the number of their users grew up several times.

On the Internet the social network is a program service for interaction of the people connected by some common interests, common cause and having desire for direct communication with each other.

It is clear, that representatives of the new generation which grew in online just do not remember time when the Internet did not exist. And for them it is normal to hang out it is possible in the Network, but not at cinema or in a disco as it was done by their fathers and mothers. Living on on-line social networks teenagers perceive the profile - a virtual portrait - continuously from the personality and form it in a corresponding way.

However the new social phenomenon did not lay aside and the senior generation. By means of such services, as Schoolmates VKontakte Moykrug already and 50 - summer parents actively look for, find and keep in contact with those with whom studied, worked or did military service. On personally created virtual page they post photos, biographies, details about themselves (hobbies, interests, the purposes), correspond with at last the new friends found old and acquired, participate in discussion of news.

Recently in the RuNet the original social network on the card, " appeared; Mirtesen. ru . The network of the next generation as service is executed at very high level and by right lays claim to the most beautiful - in this project Google maps of Maps are very organically used. This new project successfully passed test, is open for all comers and already enjoys deserved popularity. The spatial aspect brings absolutely new paints in creation of communications between people. Everything becomes more evident, more interesting and is more practical.

Tell, somebody knows all the neighbors in the nine-storey building? And from nearby houses? Nearby sometimes there live very interesting people to whom it is possible to communicate only to dream Here only to find them and circumstances and mentality do not allow to get acquainted. It seems not British, we do not need representation, and on the street (even if you will meet in vanity) to come into contact it is unreal

the Main idea of MirTesen. ru is that residents of one city, streets, establishment or a house can find each other and have the general collective blog. The principle of search of adherents, friends and just people with whom it is pleasant to communicate, in Mirtesen - geographical, with a binding on time. After registration you find according to the card, according to the list of names or according to the satellite photo (Maps Google service is used) districts where you live, work, have a rest, were born, studied, significant places in your life grew, generally. By the way, the full address (house, working) can be made visible only for the elite.

The collective blog (which, of course, conducts collective) is selected separately to each house. The blog of the house is that place where, having just talked to the neighbor, it is possible to resolve the mass of household issues and to have a good time. It is possible to look for people and on interests. The residents of the World who were already adapting in new conditions will help beginners councils with arrangement of virtual houses.

The new interesting tool to which it is worth paying attention is called Places . With its help you can tell interlocutors about the favourite cafes, clubs, parks and about any places of our planet, having marked them on the map and having loaded photos.

Creators of the " project; Mirtesen izobryol a new way of visualization of blogs, throughout development of a subject of a social network on the card. The city - on the air in real time! By means of a new counter - Live " card; - it is well visible what occurs in each point of the city at present: what people live who in touch what talk is carried on. When viewing the card the unusual feeling of flight over the city is created. Both blogs, and photos of inhabitants can be looked through both in the form of the list, and on the card. Looks great! Each blog entry and each photo can give a mark (1) and to leave comments.

It is possible to estimate right there whether far there live participants of the pleasant blog (in case you will want to transfer conversation from the virtual plane to real and to continue it with someone behind a shot glass of tea). It is possible to choose the blog, having just clicked the pleasant remark or the photo. It is not excluded that you will want to get acquainted closer with the nice girl, having learned that she, besides, also your neigbour.

With increase in number of participants the card becomes all informativny. Today it is especially active agglomerations of users occur in Moscow. If you cannot gather a team, find the company for a skating or the girl who, as well as you, likes to dance a break then just come on MirTesen. ru, specify where you live that love, - and be convinced that the world is really close! You will be able easily to find adherents, and the circle of your acquaintances will very quickly extend not only in the Network, but also in real life.

The modern world cannot be imagined without the Internet and all those opportunities for communication which appeared and continue to appear daily. Thus the Worldwide network unites, apparently, more and more separated by a civilization and more and more independent people.

At the moment social networks actively evolve - move to new category of networks, version 3. 0 (Social Networks 3. 0). As a key element for further development of communities, they will become the integral tool for any activity soon. Interactive maps will replace paper, and use of search engines of the necessary contacts, colleagues, people, communication with whom is necessary on work and study, will become just irreplaceable for establishment of communications between people in the future.]