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What to eat to the tourist in Egypt?

Cuisine of Egypt will be pleasant to all who love east exotic dishes. Having visited Egypt, it is necessary to try fish in almond sauce, mutton with prunes, the pigeons baked with a pshenka. And on - Egyptian - fingers you will lick pilaf! Boiled rice is extinguished with onions, a chicken liver, ham and mushrooms.

In national Egyptian cuisine vegetarian dishes are presented more widely, than meat. It is haricot, rice, stewed potatoes, original salads, for example, from oranges and olives with pepper. Meat kitchen, first of all - chicken meat and beef. The kyufta - the chopped cutlets fried   is popular; on skewers (remind lyulya - kebab), kebab - the marinated meat fried on a grill (reminds a shish kebab), and shawarma (what under this name is sold at us only reminds the original). And delicacies - the stuffed pigeons and a camel liver. Egyptians have a remarkable baking and sweets. Local mineral water (do not drink from at all - under the crane) is good, also local beer is quite worthy, guides say even that Egypt - the brewing homeland.

National soft drink karkade, known at us as red " tea; Egyptians drink cold. By the way, karkade it is possible to buy home, it will be a good gift. At us it is on sale in the form of some clumsy fragments, and it appears, it is quite large flower, a hibiscus which is beautiful even dried.

The kitchen of five-stars hotel is adapted under the European tastes with some addition of the Arab exotic. Besides dishes of Italian cuisine and continental salads, to an evening buffet give the whole ram or meter length of a perch - a measure. Kebabs, the fried and stuffed fish (a mackerel, a jack mackerel, the sultan - Ibrahim, the red mullet, a small flounder), eggplants with meat, squids salads, octopuses, shrimps boiled and fried are generously presented the most different kyuft. On the street on braziers fry mutton edges or a chicken shish kebab on a lattice, and in tandoors bake flat cakes. From east sweets - a baklav, a malakhabidzh, sweet flat cakes with pistachios, sesame and pistachio halvah, local types of lukum, the candied nuts, and also dried fruits - dates, here, a cut fig and dried apricots.

A usual lunch at cheap resort restaurant: simple salad - a tykhin, bread, tomatoes plus cucumbers, a mutton shish kebab, rice with a liver and water from a plastic bottle, it is possible to order the fish fried on a lattice with snack (salad, a tykhin, at will - a sharp pickles) or Seafood cocktail (the same snack, gradually fishes of one - three types, squids, shrimps). In hotel the same dishes will cost in two - three times more expensive.

What else is offered in Egypt:

Shakshuk - an omelet with meat and tomatoes.

of Molokheya - chicken, spicy herbs, garlic and vegetables cream soup (potatoes, pepper, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, tomatoes or carrots), Kibd`s

- mutton or beef liver with rice or in flat cake, or even with apples, bananas and oranges. Kushari`s

- small cut macaroni with lentil and onions.

Chicken on - Cairo - previously marinated and boiled to readiness chicken covered with honey and placed for a minute in the heated furnace.

Hummus - wetted in the acidified water and welded (here difference from a tykhina!), and the beans then pounded with vegetable oil or peas - chick-pea. Humusa happen aubergine, beet, peppery, garlick - so they are called on additional additives.

Bon appetit to travelers!